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Coach: Daniel Cormier will prolong retirement, but won’t return to light heavyweight to fight Jon Jones

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is expected to say goodbye to reigning heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier, after the Olympian turns 40 in March. That’s assuming “DC” can score his retirement fight against pay-per-view (PPV) cash cow, Brock Lesnar.

While their heavyweight “shit show” was announced all the way back at UFC 226, things have not been progressing as quickly as they should have and as of this writing, Lesnar is not (yet) cleared to make his Octagon return.

Maybe they’re still looking for that runaway sample?

“Now, the retirement thing is going to be prolonged,” Mendez told “I don’t know, one fight, two fight, three fights, who knows. The best scenario is for him to fight Brock Lesnar and finish. For me, he is done with the light heavyweight division, so I think he fights Brock.”

If not, there’s always this rematch.

Cormier relinquished his light heavyweight title when Jon Jones came back to fight Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232. While they certainly have unfinished business, especially considering this, it sounds like a potential “Bones” rematch would have to take place at heavyweight.

Sounds like Jones is game.

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