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Monday Morning Hangover: What’s next for TJ Dillashaw following controversial loss at UFC Brooklyn?

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Another weekend of fisticuffs has come and gone as UFC on ESPN+ 1: “Cejudo vs Dillashaw” went down last Saturday night (Jan. 19, 2019) inside Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Plenty of fighters were left licking their wounds, including Greg Hardy, who was disqualified for an illegal knee to a downed opponent (recap). And Alexander Hernandez, who was served a nice slice of humble pie by Donald Cerrone (highlights).

But which fighter is suffering from the worst post-fight hangover, now a few days removed from the show?

TJ Dillashaw.

Going into his Flyweight title fight against division king Henry Cejudo, TJ was looking to become only the fourth UFC “champ-champ.” Getting there, though, was half the battle, as “Viper” had a grueling weight cut down to 125 pounds. But through hard work and sheer determination, TJ hit his mark with no issues.

But as quickly as the fight started, it ended just as fast, as Dillashaw suffered a 32-second knockout loss to the wrestling wizard.

But it wasn’t without controversy.

After Cejudo clipped Dillashaw on the ear, he tried his best to get his wits about him. After getting tagged again, Cejudo went in for the kill. But just as fast as Henry delivered what were the eventual fight-ending strikes, the referee jumped in and put an end to the bout. It was a “horrible stoppage,” plain and simple, as Dillashaw was clearly in it despite being rocked.

It was a bad weekend for referees in all sports.

You can’t fault TJ for being so upset at the finish. In fact, you almost feel for him, as his cut down wasn’t the easiest of things to endure, and to have 12 weeks of hard work taken from him just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Granted, Cejudo could have very well ended the fight a few moments later, but when it comes to such an important title fight, you have to let them fight and more importantly, have a clean finish.

“Well F*#% that didn’t go as planned. Sorry to all my fans that I didn’t get to show all my hard work. Tough one to swallow having the fight taken from me like that,” said TJ on Instagram. “But I need to lead by example for my son and practice what I preach, brush myself off and pray that I get the chance to do it again.”

Make no mistake about it, Henry looked great and took care of his business on his end. Sadly, the controversial stoppage also affects “The Messenger,” as you can bet there are countless people — TJ included — who don’t consider it a clear-cut win.

Dillashaw is adamant he wants another crack at Henry at 125 pounds, but Cejudo wants his chance to become champ-champ, so a move up to 135 pounds to fight TJ seems more appropriate. That’s where the problem with super fights begin, as now the other 135-pound contenders — like these two — will have to wait to let this mess clear itself up.

Because having Henry and TJ fight someone other than each other next simply doesn’t make sense given how the fight ended.

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