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UFC fighter robbed in Brooklyn, begs to have wallet returned

A lot of things were STOLEN at UFC Brooklyn.

Gregor Gillespie got robbed in Brooklyn.

We typically blame the cageside referees when that happens, but this time it was an actual robbery and not a head-scratching decision loss. A some point during the UFC on ESPN+ 1 event on Jan. 19, Gillespie and his coach had their bags swiped.

“To whoever it is who stole mine and one of my coaches fight bags at the Barclays Center tonight,” Gillespie wrote on Instagram. “Could you please just return my wallet and my mouth guards? If you stole the bag for some memorabilia, that’s cool you can keep that if you want, but I’d really like my wallet and mouth guards back. I REALLLLLY don’t want to go to the DMV.”

I don’t know how the division of motor vehicles (DMV) works in “The Empire State,” but here in New Jersey, it’s widely considered the worst way you can spend your day, outside of a trip to the dentist or even jury duty.

Gillespie kept his perfect record intact with a technical knockout win over Yancy Medeiros on the UFC on ESPN+ 1 main card. Expect a Top 10 or even Top 5 opponent for his next fight, assuming he doesn’t catch the bag thief before then.

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