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Dana White gushes over Greg Hardy, promises second fight following ‘rookie mistake’

UFC loves to pluck athletes from other organizations and throw them into the Octagon, because it’s a great way to lure non-MMA fans to the sport. Joining a long and not-so-illustrious list that includes James Toney and CM Punk, among others, is NFL veteran Greg Hardy.

The heavyweight bruiser made his UFC debut against Allen Crowder at the UFC on ESPN+ 1 event last Sat. night (Jan. 19, 2019) inside Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York (full results here), where his inexperience and lack of in-cage awareness led to a disqualification loss.

UFC President, Dana White, was impressed with the performance.

“One thing that I did learn about Hardy tonight, he can fight,” White told reporters (via Bloody Elbow). “He can fight, he’s an athlete, not only can he punch hard, but he can take a big punch. He got hit with some good shots tonight, his ground game, I think everybody thought if he got taken down to the ground that was gonna be the end of him.”

“He got out of trouble on the ground several times, and he learned a lot tonight,” White continued. “Yeah, he’ll get another fight. He made a real big rookie mistake and it caused him an ‘L’ tonight. It ruined his perfect record.”

Sure, a “rookie mistake” like smashing someone in the head with an illegal knee can jeopardize the longterm health of an opponent, but why let that keep UFC from making a few bucks off a controversial name? Especially one that gets as many headlines as Hardy’s.

Any suggestions for his next opponent?

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