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Manager: Frankie Edgar ‘worst match up’ for Max Holloway, will put a hole through his head

UFC MMA FIGHTER FRANKIE EDGAR Photo by Eric Lutzens/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Frankie Edgar has already thrown his name in the hat to be the next challenger to Max Holloway’s Featherweight strap. And when you look at the landscape, he seems to have a pretty good case.

According to his manager Ali Abdelaziz, UFC “owes” Edgar a title fight against Holloway. And if and when the fight finally goes down, “Blessed” will realize “The Answer” is the worst possible match up for him at the moment.

“Max (Holloway) is a good champion, but Max hasn’t ever fought a wrestler like Frankie,” Abdelaziz told MMA Fighting. “And Frankie, as tough as he is, when he fought (Brian) Ortega he got caught with an elbow, and fair and square, Ortega got the win — but I’m telling you, Frankie is the worst match up for Max.”

Indeed, Edgar suffered the first knockout loss of his career to Ortega early last year (see it), ultimately costing him a title shot against Holloway. As a result, the title fight went to “T-City,” who failed to dethrone the Hawaiian-born champion at UFC 231 in a thrilling championship affair.

Edgar, however, will prove to be Holloway’s toughest test to date — according to Ali — because of his outstanding wrestling abilities.

“I believe if Frankie takes Max down — and he will — Max will not get up, because he tried to play guard and [play on the ground against Ortega]. Frankie will probably try to put a hole through his head. That’s what Frankie will do to him.... Frankie is the right guy for that fight. This is the fight Max should be asking for right now,” he concluded.

Holloway has never been one to shy away from any challenge UFC puts in his way, so if Edgar is next man up, “Blessed” will more than likely gladly oblige. That is, of course, if he doesn’t make the jump up to Lightweight to fulfill his championship dreams there.

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