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Bisping: Jon Jones was ‘talking s—t’ about me at UFC 232 because I asked difficult questions

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The difficulties begin at the 1:45 mark.

Before Jon Jones recaptured his light heavyweight title, thanks to a technical knockout victory over Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 232 (watch it), UFC on FOX analyst and former 185-pound kingpin, Michael Bisping, had a very legitimate question about post-fight drug testing.

“The Count” wanted to know if “Bones” was still at risk of testing positive for picograms of Turinabol, since it seemed to be happening with greater frequency ahead of the Dec. 29 fight card and caused the entire event to be relocated.

Jones avoided the question, asked during last Friday’s weigh-in show, and did not sound overly enthusiastic about returning to the airwaves and going through yet another battery of drug-related questions after finishing “The Mauler.”

I guess Bisping didn’t get the “better journalism” memo from Izabelle Kostic.

“I don’t care about asking difficult questions and I asked Jon Jones some questions,” Bisping said on his official podcast. “Which apparently he didn’t like, because after the fight, we interviewed him again. When we were on commercial break, he was talking shit. ‘Is that motherfucker…’ to whoever the powers to be are at FOX, ‘is that motherfucker Michael Bisping going to be asking questions again, with his dumb shit?’ I was like ‘oh yeah.’”

Bisping is no stranger to starting shit after an event.

If Jones was popping for Turinabol before the event, and the pulsing effect is rumored to last for years, then it’s not outrageous to suggest that more positive results are on the way. That would lead us into uncharted territory, in terms of how athletes are screened.

It also puts pressure on Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) to establish protocol for this sort of thing, since Jones was barred from competing in Las Vegas until the results of his tests were sorted through and explained.

And if Jones thought Bisping had difficult questions...