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Video: Mike Perry drops his girlfriend in sparring after promising to ‘f—k her up’

The video is affectionately titled, “Platinum Punishment.”

Having watched Mike Perry prance around in a Native American war bonnet, ululating and promising to smash “Cowboy” Cerrone for his crimes against humanity, I realized that “Platinum” is the type of guy who is going to do whatever the heck he wants.

To whoever the heck he wants.

That includes his longtime girlfriend, Danielle Nickerson, who had some pretty mean things to say about UFC welterweight Alan Jouban, further establishing that she is probably the right person to be dating Perry at this point in his life.

In fact, she didn’t seem too bothered that “Platinum” dropped her at the end of their training session. And hey, I’m all for tough love (and hard sparring) but there was something unnerving about his promise to “fuck her up” following a glove malfunction.

Hey, at least it wasn’t this D-bag.

Perry (12-4), who has 11 knockouts in 12 wins, is currently unbooked at this time, but is expected to return to the Octagon in the coming weeks, presumably against someone of the same gender.

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