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Michael Bisping wants Jon Jones to be clean, not dirty and getting away with it

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Michael Bisping is glad to have Jon Jones back inside the Octagon.

Sure, “The Count” has been an outspoken critic of the reigning Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion, who reclaimed his crown at UFC 232 last month in Calif., but that is the price a fighter must pay when flunking multiple drug tests.

It’s like a fighter who habitually misses weight, the doubt will always be there.

But now that Jones has passed his UFC 232 drug tests, Bisping wants to know if the embattled pound-for-pound great is truly clean, or just dirty and getting away with it, thanks to so much about his case that is unknown, even by the supposed “experts.”

Like picograms and pulsing effects, for example.

“That was the narrative going into this fight: ‘Listen, this is remnants, it was leftover from whenever it was.’ But the point of the matter is that Jeff Novitzky was saying, everyone was saying this could be in his system for a long, long time and then, lo and behold, he tests clean,” Bisping said on his Believe You Me podcast (via MMA Fighting). “I’m glad he tested clean, I really am. I hope he continues to do so. I hope he stays clean. I don’t hope he passes his tests and gets away with it. They’re two very different things. I don’t hope he gets away with it. I hope he’s competing on a level playing field and we get to see the best Jon Jones that we can.”

He certainly looked like the best Jon Jones at UFC 232.

Jones returned from his UFC 214 disciplinary suspension last fall, only to once again test positive for trace amounts of Turinabol. The argument from UFC and its band of merry men was that “Bones” already served time for that exact substance and what was found — multiple times — was no different than finding Thanksgiving leftovers in your fridge.

Assuming you only open your fridge once a year.

As of this writing, Jones is scheduled to return to action — along with a battery of new drug testing protocols — at the UFC 235 pay-per-view (PPV) event in March, assuming Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) buys his story about this battery of tests.

Time will tell.