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Pic: Henry Cejudo is looking jacked for his superfight with TJ Dillashaw

Holy crap, Henry Cejudo is looking completely beefed out en route to his champion vs. champion fight against TJ Dillashaw on January 19th. The 2008 Beijing Olympics gold medalist has never been a slouch when it comes to strength and conditioning, but it looks like he’s found another level or three to hit coming into Brooklyn.

Take a look:

This is in stark comparison to TJ Dillashaw, whose first cut down to 125 pounds sounded like no big deal at first but is starting to seem like maybe not such a great idea in practice.

Previous photos of TJ have had fans on the internet concerned. Now we all agree that Dillashaw is the quintessential professional, so we’re sure his plan to make it down to the flyweight limit is on point. We’re just left worried that his organs may shut down, or that his endocrine system may go haywire.

This is where we start to fully understand that this is a prime Henry Cejudo vs. a seriously depleted TJ Dillashaw. How that plays out? We’ll have to wait until January 17th to see.

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