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Jon Jones on UFC 232 pay-per-view numbers: Love me, hate me, so long as you care

The light heavyweight champion celebrated news that his fight sold 700,000 PPVs, making it the second biggest UFC event of the year.

Jon Jones is in a celebratory kind of mood.

The returning UFC light heavyweight champion has had a pretty good week. Not only was ‘no jet fuel found’ in the several tests he submitted to USADA / UFC / CSAC/ VADA on UFC 232 fight night, the pay-per-view numbers for the event are rolling in and they look good. 700,000 buys good, which would make Jones vs. Gustafsson 2 the second biggest UFC event of the year after McGregor vs. Khabib.

Jones took to Instagram to celebrate the numbers, declaring “Love me, hate me. As long as the people care I’m good.”

We’d share the post with you, but in oldschool “Bones” fashion, he deleted it shortly after. Welcome to the new Jon Jones, same as old Jon Jones.

Considering this is just Jones’ third fight in three years, all that extra scratch earned via a cut of the PPV sales must have made his financial advisers happy too. Especially after the whole event almost fell apart when Jones tested positive for oral Turanibol multiple times leading up to the fight. That led the UFC to switch UFC 232 from Nevada to California on less than a week’s notice, screwing up a whole lot of Vegas visitor plans.

The internet also wasn’t very impressed with the decision either, but who knows ... maybe Jones is right and the whole fiasco just added to his PPV numbers. Let’s hope then for his sake that he doesn’t fall off the tightrope of near-disaster he’s walking in 2019.

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