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Tyron Woodley on Colby Covington’s ‘pity party’: ‘Everybody is laughing at him’

You can count welterweight champ Tyron Woodley as unimpressed with Colby Covington’s angry reaction to getting passed over for a title shot.

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Colby Covington is currently in meltdown mode after the UFC snubbed him for a title shot, choosing the more active and less difficult to work with Kamarau Usman instead. And hey, it’s hard to argue against the idea that Covington got screwed. He wasn’t just promised a title shot, he had a title — the interim welterweight belt, which the UFC quietly stripped him of for some reason.

Even welterweight champion Tyron Woodley agrees that Covington should have been next, based on all the build up and beef that’s developed over 2017. But he’s not about to pass up an opportunity to kick Covington while he’s down either.

”I think it’s hilarious he’s trying to get a pity party like someone’s going to come to his rescue,” Woodley told The Mac Life. “Everybody’s laughing at him.”

”It’s funny that Colby had all that s**t to say,” Woodley said. “He had many chances to fight me and Dana finally, like I’m always getting called out, but for the first time Dana called him out, Colby had a chance to fight me in September and he didn’t do it. So ... you can only take his f**king act for so long, eventually people are going to see what the real deal is.”

”I think he thought he ran the show. I don’t think he actually recognized that they’d put on a fight without him. Before, he wanted to do the surgery, I think he wanted to wait until November to fight. This time I think he thought they were bluffing and they called his bluff and said ‘You know what, this is what we’re doing.’”

Woodley is still holding onto the hope that the UFC doesn’t release Colby or send him back out to fight again.

”It’s not my job to promote, but maybe they should let him sit there and not make money for a couple months, and let me keep fighting and get momentum behind me and then come and get to him,” Woodley concluded. “I really don’t want nobody else to fight him because I think he’s going to lose. I don’t want Ben [Askren] to fight him, I don’t want [Darren] Till to fight him. I think those guys would beat him and it’ll mess me up for my chance to fight him.”

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