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Colby Covington refuses to fight for anything less than ‘undisputed champion’ money

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Former interim welterweight champion Colby Covington is on a quest to make sure fans know the UFC is run by a bunch of jerks. On Sunday evening, confirmation came out that Kamaru Usman would be next to fight champ Tyron Woodley, not Covington. That’s led the previously loyal Colby to rip into the UFC and Dana White, calling the UFC president a piece of s**t liar.

His words, not ours.

Has Colby showed any signs of cooling down? Absolutely not. But he did go from demanding the UFC release him to demanding he get paid properly for any non-title fight. That’s progress, I guess.

“They can get me to fight whoever but they’re going to have to give me undisputed championship pay,” Covington told MMA Weekly during another Monday interview. “I’m not going to go backwards. I was promised an undisputed title shot and undisputed pay, I’m not fighting for anything less than undisputed pay. I’m not going to fight for less money.”

“They want me to fight Darren Till? Fine, no big deal. I’ll fight him, but I’m getting my undisputed championship title fight pay to fight him.”

Covington claims he was put in the UFC matchmaking doghouse after a surgery to fix his sinusitis kept him from fighting Woodley at UFC 228 in September. White really hates sinusitis, it seems. You know what else he hates? Bad PPV numbers, and UFC 228 pulled just 130,000 buys. Also on the most hated list: guys who try to sit and wait for title shots. Add all that up and you get the much more active Kamaru Usman stealing Covington’s #1 contender spot.

Whether Covington plans to go out in a blaze of angry PR glory or stick around and prove UFC brass wrong is unclear. Colby has swung both ways in recent interviews. With MMA Weekly it sounded more like he’d stay with the UFC.

”You haven’t even seen me at my best,” he declared. “You’ve seen me fighting for an interim title and winning a title at 50-percent when I couldn’t even breathe. Swallowing mucus, swallowing blood, all in my lungs, all in my sinuses and I had to get that surgery to clear it out. So you haven’t even seen my potential.”

“I’m 30 years young. They act like they can put me on ice. I don’t give a s**t. Time is on my side, motherf**kers. I’ve got time to wait. The best is yet to come for Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington and I will not go out silently.”

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