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‘Retired’ Tito Ortiz eyes Chael Sonnen rematch for Bellator MMA in Madison Square Garden

I don’t think Tito Ortiz understands how retirement works.

Either that, or he’s suggesting Chael Sonnen is such an easy fight, it does not constitute actual work and therefore, is no different than staying home and playing with the dogs (or whatever retired people do in their spare time).

Ortiz already holds a probably-real submission win over his fellow Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran, thanks to a first-rounder at the Bellator 170 mixed martial arts (MMA) event in California back in early 2017.

So I guess they’ll run it back, just because.

“I’m still gonna stay retired, and I’m gonna smash Chael,” Ortiz told TMZ. “I’m not gonna choke him, I’m not gonna submit him, I’m gonna smash him. I’ll put a show on for every one of the fans. That’s what I’m gonna do.”

Ortiz also suggested the fight will happen for Bellator MMA.

“I’ve never fought at Madison Square Gardens, so possibly Madison Square Gardens [sic]. That’ll be the first thing. I’d like to just add to my repertoire of being able to go to Madison Square Gardens and fight, where the greatest have fought. People like Ali, people like Frazier, people like Foreman. Just to do something great for mixed martial arts, at the expense of Chael Sonnen.”

Just a reminder, there is only one Madison Square Garden.

Speaking of gardens, Ortiz (20-12-1) was last seen planting Chuck Liddell in their expired trilogy, which marks the second straight win for “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy.” As for Sonnen (30-16-1), he’s coming off his heavyweight drubbing to Fedor Emelianenko at Bellator 208.

Ortiz vs. Sonnen 2 ... who wants it?

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