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Midnight Mania! Tesla stock plunges after Elon Musk smokes blunt on Joe Rogan’s podcast

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan had controversial billionaire, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Elon Musk, on his popular podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, and had Musk smoke a blunt for what was probably his first time.

He and Musk talked about AI’s impact on humankind, Musk’s decision to make and sell flamethrowers, and social media. Musk is notable for his accessibility on Twitter, and recently has been in the news for making unfounded claims on Twitter about having funding secured to take Tesla private (he didn’t) and calling one of the consultants in the rescue of the Thai children a pedophile after the consultant disparaged his experimental submarine.

Musk is the founder and CEO of SpaceX, and the CEO of Tesla, Inc., which makes electric cars. The Air Force, which partners with SpaceX, is apparently ‘looking into’ the puff on the blunt, though there is no investigation as yet. It really doesn’t seem that serious, although this Twitter user pointed out that Tesla drug tests their workers, which comes across as hypocritical. USADA also still bans weed for UFC fighters as a performance enhancer (how?) which seems backwards.

Also... did he even inhale??

UFC featherweight champion Cris “Cyborg’ Santos sent a message to Musk, saying her Tesla is in the shop waiting for parts that have no ETA as yet.

You can watch the entire episode here:


What exactly was Darren Till eating? Just straight meat sauce?

UFC commentator Jon Anik stuck up for now deposed champion Nicco Montano.

The UFC have become very impatient with any fighters who cannot meet their scheduling demands. First Tony Ferguson, then Colby Covington, now Nicco Montano is stripped because she was hospitalized trying to make weight. This is as good a time as any to remind everyone that UFC titles aren’t ‘real’ in any legal sense, the way boxing titles are legal by virtue of sanctioning bodies, to prevent promoters like the UFC developing a monopoly on title belts (Officially, the UFC says their belts are handed out to the best fighters on the night). Fighters, therefore, don’t have any right to them and the UFC can strip them at their own convenience.

It’s a shame for Montano, who grew up on a Native reservation in incredibly tough circumstances and was a huge inspiration to her community after winning the belt.

Speaking of how the UFC treats their fighters, these are explosive allegations from author and presidential hopeful Andrew Yang. He claims Dana White’s personal relationship with Trump had bearing on the NLRB’s reversal of their own decision to move Leslie Smith’s case forward to review.

Melvin Guillard may have trouble winning fights in the cage these days, but don’t come at him on the streets.

Alrighty then.

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We doing spinning shit now ‍♂️

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Darren Till was a grumpy kid until he made weight today, but he did prove the doubters wrong, after all.

Lando Vannata breaking shit.

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Breaking shit in my @rdx_sports

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Would you wear this on a shirt?

That would be a worthy battle. Michael Chandler and Tony Ferguson should compete in an extreme workout competition or something.

Hector Lombard is into Adidas now.

Who is betting on Darren Till?

John Lineker wants the toughest fights.

Staredowns were intense between Till and Tyron Woodley

Been loving these Nike memes

Ryan posted this one yesterday, but it’s always worth a rewatch.

Mike Perry was stoked he sparred with Jon Bones Jones, because who wouldn’t be, right?

Don’t know if this was an actual white supremacist, but that’s a cold knockout.

Potentially promising news for PFL fighter Leroy Johnson, who suffered serious injury last week.

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

Some early finishes from the first fights of the weekend

Random Land

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