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Midnight Mania! Honest Darren Till admits ‘weight’s not great’ but is determined to get under 170 by Friday

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Darren Till was at 182 lbs. Wednesday morning, 12 pounds above the limit he needs to hit by Friday morning. He won’t say the cut is going particularly well, but said he was also 182 the Wednesday before his fight with Donald Cerrone, a cut that ended up going smoothly. Via

“So, we’ll see,” Till said. “Friday I’m not stepping on any heavier than 170. Hopefully under, so I can have me traditional Coke I’m used to having. We’ll see. But I’m not looking ahead — I’m not thinking about tomorrow, I’m not thinking about Friday. I’m thinking about today, open workouts.”

Till, who suffered serious issues ahead of his last fight with Stephen Thompson that ultimately saw him miss weight by 3 pounds, is more honest than most fighters, saying that a weight cut is never fun, and anyone who claims otherwise is lying.

“I’m never gonna say it’s a great cut, it’s always hard,” Till said. “But listen, I’m lean, I’m focused. Weight’s OK. I never want to stand here and say the weight is great, this has been the best weight cut. Because the fighters do that and I just don’t agree with it. It’s a lie. Weight’s not great. I don’t want to speak to anyone. I just want to get me things done. It’s business. Business is business. And Saturday is business, Friday is business. My life is this business.”

One thing Till doesn’t want questioned is his dedication to the sport.

“I’ve put my life into this, so speed bumps along the way,” Till sad. “Not making weight, you get all this attention for it. It’s like you’re the only fighter who’s missed weight in the division, in the whole of the UFC. … It’s a mistake on my part, but Friday all the talk will be done. No mother f*cker can ask me about weight again — he’s getting slapped.”

UFC 228 is this Saturday, as Till attempts to unseat reigning welterweight kingpin Tyron Woodley, who looks to defend his title for the third time. In the co-main event, Valentina Shevchenko is a huge favorite to defeat current flyweight champion Nicco Montano.


The Nike memes are going around, thanks to their sponsorship of Colin Kaepernick that has some very ‘triggered’ conservatives burning their Nike shoes and cutting their socks to ribbons. At least some of the meme ripoffs to the Nike catchphrase are very funny.

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