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Urijah Faber, Sakuraba return to action this October on UFC Fight Pass


Hey, remember those lunatics in Russia who thought it would be fun to take mixed martial arts (MMA) and make it a team sport by turning loose all 10 competitors at the same time?

If not, watch the insane replay here.

I bring that up because Urijah Faber and Kazushi Sakuraba, two legends of the sport, will also participate in a team vs. team format, only this will be confined to the jiu-jitsu mats and feature just two combatants at a time.

Don’t worry Arena Combat, your shine is still bright.

QUINTET 3 will feature four grappling teams matching up in singles competition, with the decision being decided by way of submission or time-limit elimination. The two winning semifinal teams move on to compete in a finale match.

Here’s how the squads are shaping up:

Team Sakuraba

Kazushi Sakuraba (UFC Hall of Famer, PRIDE FC legend)
Josh Barnett (former UFC heavyweight champion)
Marcos Souza (Abu Dhabi Grand Slam champion)
Roberto Souza (Abu Dhabi Grand Slam champion)

Team Alpha Male

Urijah Faber (UFC Hall of Famer)
Dustin Akbari (BJJ black belt, Team Alpha Male coach)

Team Polaris (QUINTET 1 Champions)

Craig Jones (Polaris middleweight champion)
Gregor Gracie (World champion, 2004/2005; ADCC third-place 2009)
Marcin Held (former UFC fighter; BJJ black belt)
Dan Strauss (British and European champion; BJJ black belt)

Team 10th Planet (QUINTET 2 Champions)

Geo Martinez (Three-time EBI champion)
Richie Martinez (EBI 1 runner-up, Gracie Worlds runner-up; IBJJF Worlds runner-up)
PJ Barch (BJJ black belt; Division 1 wrestler)
Adam Sachnoff (BJJ Black belt)
Amir Allam (BJJ Black Belt)

Can probably just give the trophy to Team Sakuraba and call it an event. If they don’t, be sure to tune in on Oct. 5 via UFC Fight Pass digital network.

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