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Bellator 206 results live: ‘Mousasi vs MacDonald’ streaming play-by-play updates

Rampage vs Wanderlei 4
Mousasi vs MacDonald
Bellator MMA

Bellator 206: “Mousasi vs. MacDonald” takes place TONIGHT (Sept. 29, 2018) at SAP Center in San Jose, California. Welterweight champion Rory MacDonald (20-4) is moving up to 185 pounds to challenge Gegard Mousasi (44-6-2) for his recently won Middleweight title. It should be one helluva main event, which will stream online via DAZN.

Equally as large (but physically larger) will be the fourth match in a long-standing rivalry between Quinton “Rampage” Jackson (37-13) and Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva (35-13-1-1) as both men will meet in a Heavyweight clash of titans.

Bellator 206’s main card will start at 10 p.m. ET on DAZN. will deliver results and play-by-play for the entirety of Bellator 206, which will begin at 7 p.m. ET with the “Prelims” undercard.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 206) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it’s always a lot of fun!


Gegard Mousasi vs. Rory MacDonaldMousasi TKO 3:23 R2.
Quinton Jackson vs. Wanderlei SilvaJackson TKO 4:32 R2.
Douglas Lima vs. Andrey KoreshkovLima tech sub (RNC) 3:04 R5.
Aaron Pico vs. Leandro HigoPico TKO 3:19 R1.
Keri Taylor-Melendez vs. Dakota ZimmermanMelendez SD 29-28, 28-29, 29-28.
Gaston Bolanos vs. Ysidro GutierrezBolanos KO 1:37 R2.
Ignacio Ortiz vs. Jacob YcaroOrtiz UD 29-28 X2, 30-27.
Arlene Blencowe vs. Amber LeibrockBlencowe TKO 1:23 R3.
Adam Piccolotti vs. James TerryPiccolotti UD 29-28, 30-27 X2.
Justin Smitley vs. Jeremiah LabianoLabiano TKO 3:28 R1.
Joe Neal vs. Josh San DiegoSan Diego SD 28-29, 30-27, 29-28.
Chuck Campbell vs. Joseph RamirezCampbell UD 30-27 X3.
Anthony Figueroa Jr. vs. Samuel RomeroFigueroa UD 29-27, 28-26, 29-26.
Isaiah Gonzalez vs. Khai WuGonzalez SD 29-27, 28-29, 29-28.
Ahmed Abdelaziz vs. Laird AndersonAnderson SD 29-28 X2, 28-29.
Cass Bell vs. Ty CostaBell sub (armbar) 3:06 R2.


Gegard Mousasi vs. Rory MacDonald

MacDonald is out first in the blue gloves and red trunks, career record of 20-4, the current Welterweight champion of Bellator. The reigning Middleweight champion Mousasi has the red gloves with black trunks and a career record of 44-6-2 as he puts his title on the line. MacDonald fights out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Mousasi fights out of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Our referee is Herb Dean. Both men touch gloves during final instructions.

Round 1: Both men are in the center and not giving much ground until Mousasi lands a straight right hand. Mousasi pops a couple of fast lefts and throws a left leg kick. MacDonald pumps a jab and lands a kick of his own but he’s being slowly inched out of the center circle. MacDonald lands an overhand right and Mousasi appears unfazed. Mousasi with a leg kick and a jab. Snapping head kick by Mousasi is checked with two minutes left. MacDonald tries a head kick of his own. Mousasi pops him with a straight right and a left hook follows behind. MacDonald’s head is popped back by another jab. Leg kick for Mousasi. Push kick by MacDonald. 10-9 Mousasi.

Round 2: MacDonald tried to change his fortunes by diving for the legs almost a minute into the round but Mousasi didn’t fall into a submission position and instead opened up MacDonald’s face with elbows. If MacDonald’s idea was to get an advantage off his back it’s not paying dividends, as Mousasi is easily controlling MacDonald on the ground and has the full mount at 2:52. Multiple lefts and right hands and right elbows cause MacDonald to wilt and throw his hands over his head, and Herb Dean has seen enough. Unfortunately for fans of “The Red King” this was never even close.

Final result: Gegard Mousasi wins by technical knockout at 3:23 in the second round.

Quinton Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva

Silva is out first in the blue gloves and dark trunks with a career record of 35-13-1 (1 NC) and a 2-1 lead in this long-standing rivalry. Jackson won their last meeting in UFC though, and he comes out with the red gloves with black trunks on, chain swinging around his neck, a career record of 37-13. Silva fights out of Curitiba, Brazil. Jackson fights out of Memphis, Tennessee. Our referee in charge of this bout is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: No glove tap during final instructions or after the opening bell. Jackson moves forward firing the left hand. Both are being cautious during the opening minute, teasing and fainting. Silva dares Jackson to come forward. Jackson tags him and pushes him into the fence at 1:40. Silva moves awkwardly away trying to throw a knee as they break at 2:00. Silva misses with a high kick and Jackson misses with an overhand right. Silva goes for the high kick again and a windmill right hand. Jackson rushes him into the fence at 3:45. Jackson with a right hand on the break. Knee to the body as Jackson pushes him into the cage again. Beltran warns them about shots to the back of the head. Jackson goes body head and covers up as Silva tries to fire back. Silva circles away and Jackson now begs Silva to stop backpedaling and come forward. Beltran gets between them as the bell to prevent more antics. 10-9 Jackson.

Round 2: Silva misses with a left hook and throws an outside leg kick. Jackson lands a left hook and Silva a counter right hand. Jackson tees off again at 36 seconds and covers up when Silva tries to respond. Jackson pops Silva with a left jab. Left hook for Jackson. Overhand right misses. Overhand right for Silva is checked. Jackson backs him up toward the fence. Jackson nails him with a right hook and Silva clinches because he’s hurt. Jackson tries to grab a thai plum to throw a knee. Knee to the body against the fence at 2:32. Uppercuts against the fence. Jackson tries to grab the plum again and Silva finally breaks free. Jackson tees off again and throws another knee. There’s a smidgen of blood over Silva’s right eye. They reset with 1:08 left. Jackson ducks under a wild swing by Silva and forces Silva to the outer circle. Jackson works the left jab then drops Silva with a right hook and pours it on until Beltran waves it off. The series is tied 2-all!

Final result: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson wins via technical knockout 4:32 R2.

Douglas Lima vs. Andrey Koreshkov

Koreshkov is out first with the blue gloves and trunks, his coach Alexander Shlemenko at his side. His record to date is 21-2 but 1-1 against Lima. Red gloves and white trunks for Lima, a career record of 29-7, having lost the Welterweight title to Rory MacDonald in his last bout. Koreshkov fights out of Omsk, Russia. Lima fights out of Atlanta, Georgia. Our referee for this opening bout of the Welterweight Grand Prix is Josh Rosenthal.

Round 1: Tap of gloves opens the bout. Lima lands a hard body kick and Koreshkov lands a spin kick that connects in response. Another body kick from Lima and a leg kick. They trade leg kicks back and forth before Koreshkov shoots. Koreshkov lifts Lima into the air but can’t get him to the ground. A second attempt produces the same result. Lima fires knees into Koreshkov as they jockey for underhooks and head position. Lima nearly counters Koreshkov into a takedown of his own but lets it go. Rosenthal is content to let them fight this way and doesn’t call for more work. Koreshkov tries to free his right arm for a little dirty boxing. The crowd is getting frustrated as Lima turns Koreshkov around again. Koreshkov turns him right back and goes for a leg trip to no avail. Koreshkov throws knees. Lima slips and rips but Koreshkov shoots again with 15 seconds left. He finally twists and turns his way to the ground but it’s Lima who is on top at the bell. 10-9 Lima.

Round 2: Lima with another body kick early in this frame. Koreshkov bobs and shimmies as Lima inches toward him. 45 seconds into the round the boo birds are calling. Body kick from Koreshkov. Left hook by Koreshkov. Koreshkov shoots and Lima stuffs it, pushing him into the fence, then breaking to throw a right hand. Koreshkov tries a head kick that’s checked. Body kick and leg kick for Lima. Hard right from Lima. Inside leg kick for Lima. Lima teases a right hand uppercut that Koreshkov pulls up to avoid. Body shot by Lima. Left hook for Lima. Body kick. Koreshkov’s lack of offense this round is stunning. He shoots Lima into the fence. McCarthy is raving about the bruising that Lima has given Koreshkov’s legs. Rosenthal lets the time tick away as both men throw knees and test each other’s strength. They break just before the bell and Koreshkov misses with a wild spin kick. 10-9 again for Lima.

Round 3: Lima trips and Koreshkov presses him into the fence as he gets up. Up to that point the blows landed favored Lima, who turns Koreshkov around into the cage at 1:08. Koreshkov turns him back and drops levels. Rosenthal stands there and watches. The crowd sits there and watches. Not much happens until Lima slips out at 2:20 and Koreshkov tries a spinning backfist that just misses. Lima with a body kick and straight right hand. Body kick for Lima. Leg kick. Body shot. Right hook for Lima misses. Leg kicks land. Lima sprawls to block a takedown attempt. One minute left. Lima lands an uppercut and a knee as Koreshkov gets up. Koreshkov shoots at 4:34. He drops to his knees and digs deep but doesn’t get a takedown. 10-9 Lima.

Round 4: Lima wastes no time going right back to the leg kicks and forces Koreshkov across the cage searching for a power shot. Koreshkov takes an errant kick to the cup and Rosenthal calls time at 1:06. Koreshkov recovers quickly and Lima comes forward with a left, a body shot and a checked head kick. Lima is basically stalking Koreshkov now. Koreshkov tries a shoot and Lima punishes him with a knee then pushes HIM into the fence. Foot stomps by Lima against the fence. Knees from both men. Koreshkov turns Lima at 2:44. The crowd boos as Koreshkov fails to get the takedown and Lima turns him back into the cage. Lima with a big right elbow on the exit and he ducks a left hand from Koreshkov. Lima throws a knee after Koreshkov misses with his own. Another leg kick for Lima. Lima stuns Koreshkov with a late right hand and pours it on against the fence. 10-9 Lima.

Round 5: Lima is stalking Koreshkov again and he goes for the head kick. He misses with the uppercut and paws with the left. Koreshkov tries to circle and backpedal but you can tell his legs don’t feel good as he’s not making even steps. Left hook right uppercut for Lima. Left jab for Lima. Koreshkov misses with a high kick. 1-2 combo for Lima. Left hook grazes, right hook lands for Lima. Lima sprawls to stuff a takedown and starts throwing multiple hard shots from on top of his back. Lima gets the hooks in and goes for the rear naked choke — KORESHKOV GOES OUT COLD WITHOUT TAPPING.

Final result: Douglas Lima wins via technical submission (RNC) in round five.

Aaron Pico vs. Leandro Higo

Higo is out first in the blue gloves and red trunks with a pro record of 18-4. Pico has on the red gloves with white trunks and brings in a pro record of 3-1. Pico is 22 and Higo is 29. “Everything else is virtually identical.” Higo fights out of Natal, Brazil. Pico fights out of Whittier, California. Our referee in charge is Mark Smith.

Round 1: Pico is forcing Higo backward immediately and lands a nice combo at the 35 second mark. It turns into a firefight against the fence and Higo lands a knee, then a combo when they break. Higo with a leg kick. Pico resets to the center and starts to come forward again, landing a left hook and throwing a kick as Higo backpedals. Right hook and body shot by Pico. Clinch and break. Pico tags Higo with a right hand and pours it on but Higo covers up against the fence and Pico resets. Pico tags him again and throws a really big right hand at 2:30 that has Higo hurt. Smith gives Higo every change to recover as Pico lands multiple lefts. Higo is just eating everything now. He’s out on his feet. A shot appears to wake him up again. Higo eats a body shot and throws a spinning backfist but he’s stumbling on his feet and falls down before another shot from Pico lands, and Smith finally stops it. McCarthy is disgusted with what he feels is a horribly late stoppage.

Final result: Aaron Pico wins by technical knockout at 3:19 in the first round.

Keri Taylor Melendez vs. Dakota Zimmerman

Blue gloves, black top and black trunks for Zimmerman tonight in her pro debut. Red gloves, black Skrap Pack shirt and black trunks for the 2-0 Melendez. Melendez is 34 and Zimmerman is 22. Zimmerman fights out of Arnold, Missouri. Melendez fights out of San Francisco, California. Our referee is Herb Dean.

Round 1: No tap to start. Melendez throws a jab right away then connects with a leg kick. Zimmerman circles on the outside until Melendez clinches and takes her down, quickly getting a knee through the guard to control the half. Melendez postures up to throw a right, stands up with Zimmerman hanging on, and SLAMS her down with authority. Melendez tries to peel Zimmerman off and slams her again with less velocity. Melendez keeps sitting up and trying to use her left hand to peel Zimmerman away. R1 is halfway gone. Melendez finally pushes her off enough to crack a right elbow to the head. Another one lands at 3:15. Zimmerman suddenly has an arm trapped and makes it double dangerous for Melendez by putting her legs around Melendez’ head. Melendez is trying to pull free but Zimmerman goes belly down looking to secure the submission. Melendez survives the round but that was really close. 10-9 Zimmerman.

Round 2: Zimmerman pressures Melendez right into the fence, eating a knee in the process. The action stalls there and Herb Dean calls for more work. Melendez widens her stance as Zimmerman digs and digs for a single leg or a leg trip. Dean calls for work again at 1:39. Melendez stays balanced on one leg as the takedown goes nowhere and Zimmerman keeps on burning energy. Another call for work at 2:13. Zimmerman pulls guard and Melendez just calmly walks her over to her corner. She finally breaks free at 2:40 and throws a knee. Zimmerman comes forward again and puts Melendez on the fence to hunt for the takedown again. Melendez fires off knees in response. Melendez turns her around at 3:33. She pulls guard again and Melendez just walks her across the cage, hitting her with right hands and elbows, forcing Zimmerman to stand at 4:20 and throwing multiple knees to the body. 10-9 Melendez.

Round 3: Zimmerman pushes forward to open the third round. Melendez lands a left hook. Zimmerman shoots at 51 seconds and Melendez widens her stance again. Zimmerman finally squeezes her legs together and gets a takedown at 1:10. Melendez pushes off the fence with her feet and is on top to land a nice left hand and some right hammer fists. Zimmerman gets off a couple of upkicks before Melendez can clear herself from standing up to reset. Left uppercut and jab by Melendez as Zimmerman pressures. Zimmerman shoots again at 2:53. Herb Dean calls for work at 3:18 and 3:33... and 3:50. He doesn’t break them up despite calling for work again at 4:12. Zimmerman pulls guard and lets Melendez on top in half. Melendez drops a hammer and Zimmerman tries and fails to sweep. 10-9 for Melendez but I smell a split decision coming.

Final result: Melendez wins via 29-28, 28-29, 29-28 split decision.

Gaston Bolanos vs. Ysidro Gutierrez

Gutierrez sports black trunks with white trim and blue gloves, coming in with a pro record of 4-2. Bolanos has on the red gloves and black trunks and has a pro record of 3-1. Both fighters are 26, Gutierrez is two inches taller at 5’9”, but Bolanos has a two inch reach advantage at 70”. Gutierrez fights out of Livingston, California. Bolanos fights out of Dublin, California by way of Lima, Peru. Our referee is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Bolanos is pressuring to start using his right hand and a high kick. Gutierrez responds with a left. Beltran warns them to watch their fingers. Bolanos with a leg kick and a takedown but Gutierrez pops right up. They spin around against the fence. Gutierrez works knees to the body before they break at 1:54. Bolanos with a right hook and a right head kick. Gutierrez dances away and checks another head kick. Body kick and left hook against the fence by Bolanos. Gutierrez feigns a knee but doesn’t throw it then clinches and pushes Bolanos into the cage right by the door. They spin apart at 3:49. Gutierrez comes forward swinging so Bolanos throws him to the ground and lets him stand back up. Bolanos misses with a spinning elbow. Clinch and break with Bolanos landing a right hand. Bolanos ducks under a strike for a takedown and lets Gutierrez back up to throw a head kick. Gutierrez with a left right at the bell. 10-9 Bolanos.

Round 2: Fists are tapped to open R2. Gutierrez circles on the outside as Bolanos throws a leg kick and a high kick. Bolanos throws Gutierrez down at 56 seconds and lands a couple of left hands before Gutierrez gets up. Body kick by Bolanos. Bolanos rocks Gutierrez with a left hand behind the air, takes his back to continue the assault, and the unanswered right hands cause Mike Beltran to step in and wave it off.

Final result: Gaston Bolanos wins via knockout at 1:37 in the second round.

Ignacio Ortiz vs. Jacob Ycaro

Round 1: Unaired on DAZN.

Final result: Ortiz wins a unanimous decision 29-28 X2 and 30-27.

Arlene Blencowe vs. Amber Leibrock

Leibrock is 3-1 in the red gloves with black top and trunks, fighting out of Hayward, California. Blencowe is 10-7 in the blue gloves with red top and trunks out of Sydney, Australia. Our referee in charge is Herb Dean.

Round 1: Blencowe takes a kick to the face early, giving up a lot of height and reach to the lanky Leibrock. Blencowe responds by landing a combo and a left hook then going for a clinch but she gets rocked by a knee to the body and stumbles backward. Leibrock swarms and throws several more knees against the fence. 90 seconds gone. Blencowe momentarily turns her around. Leibrock finally lets go after turning her back around at 1:56. Blencowe uses a leg kick and body shots as Leibrock pushes forward. Leibrock tries to swarm but backs off after tasting Blencowe’s 1-2, and another combo follows. 90 seconds left. Blencowe catches a kick and throws a knee. Blencowe has a little blood trickling from under her left eye. Leibrock with a high kick and a strong right hook. Dean warns them to watch their fingers. Front kick from Leibrock. Two right hooks land. 10-9 Leibrock but Blencowe came back strong.

Round 2: Leibrock lands a left kick high early. Blencowe lands the right hook again. Leg kick by Blencowe. Leibrock with a combo and body kick. Blencowe checks a high kick and throws a right. Right cross by Leibrock. Left jab flush for Blencowe. Leibrock ties up and throws a knee on the exit. Right hook and backfist (but no spin) for Leibrock. Leibrock falls down on a kick attempt but Blencowe can’t/doesn’t pounce. Blencowe with a left hook. Blencowe is scoring well with counter strikes whenever Leibrock steps forward. Right hook by Blencowe. Left hook by Blencowe. Combo by Blencowe. Hook and body shot for Blencowe. Leibrock’s corner yells “Where’s the kick?” Blencowe clinches for a takedown but Leibrock ends up on top as they go to the ground. Leibrock stands up and drops one hammer before the bell. 10-9 Blencowe.

Round 3: Leibrock goes for a takedown 15 seconds in but it’s Blencowe who ends up on top. Leibrock is hanging on and trying to not let Blencowe posture up and strike, then tries to cinch up the armbar, but Blencowe POWERBOMBS Leibrock to score a TKO win by slam. Mauro Ranallo is beside himself screaming “Shades of Rampage Jackson!!”

Final result: Arlene Blencowe wins by technical knockout at 1:23 in the third round.

Adam Piccolotti vs. James Terry

10-2 Piccolotti in the red gloves and black trunks fighting out of Half Moon Bay, California. 20-9 Terry in the blue gloves and black trunks fighting out of San Jose, California. Our referee in charge of this contest is Josh Rosenthal.

Round 1: Terry throws the first leg kick. Piccolotti keeps switching his stance regardless of what Terry does. Piccolotti lands the left hand a few times. Nice right hook and left from Terry. Spin kick misses for Piccolotti. Leg kick and right hook for Terry. Piccolotti avoids a shot and takes the back, then presses Terry into the fence, who pushes him away at 2:07. Terry gets clocked with a right hand that makes him shake his head. Left jab lands for Terry. Piccolotti goes body head. Terry pumps the jab. Piccolotti lands a knee to the body when Terry blocks a takedown. Terry backpedals but it’s a right and a spinning back heel to the body. Outside leg kick for Terry. Left hook for Terry. Cross and hook for Piccolotti. Piccolotti overshoots on a takedown but recovers quickly. Terry misses with the left but lands a right. Piccolotti responds with a knee. 10-9 Piccolotti.

Round 2: Glove tap two seconds in. Piccolotti quickly lands a right hook and a right body kick and an inside low kick that has Terry backpedaling from the strikes.Piccolotti continues to find a home for the right hook and left jab repeatedly. Terry with two outside leg kicks. At this point Piccolotti seems willing to take one to land 3-4 and it’s working. Terry is clearly getting frustrated as his face is getting marked up. Terry comes forward trying to make it a slug fest. Piccolotti shoots, Terry grabs a headlock, he lets it go. Terry lands a right hook. Left hook for Piccolotti. Right cross for Terry. Four strikes in a row land for Piccolotti. Left jab for Terry. Piccolotti misses with a knee but chases and lands a spinning back kick. Right hook for Piccolotti. Left jab lands again and again. Right hook, knee, jab, right hook. Piccolotti has punches in bunches. Takedown from Piccolotti at 4:32 as Terry gets warned for grabbing the fence. Piccolotti is throwing right hands to Terry’s back, and Terry finally gets free just before the bell to stand up. 10-9 Piccolotti.

Round 3: Glove tap and a quick hug open the final round. Piccolotti is working the left jab immediately. Terry backpedals and halfheartedly grabs a single leg before eating more jabs. Body kick and another left jab. Now Piccolotti is feeling himself and throws a right uppercut but Terry eats it. Terry is claiming a low blow but Rosenthal says no and the fight continues. Left hook for Piccolotti. Right hook. Left left left. Left left. Piccolotti almost can’t miss with that left jab. Terry eats a knee right on the chin and more jabs. Unlike the second round Terry doesn’t seem to have any responses left. Blood is now spraying from his face whenever he gets tagged. It’s on his upper chest as it spatters around with each blow. Another huge knee for Piccolotti at 3:55. Terry is tougher than two dollar steak. Piccolotti continues to treat him like a heavy bag for the final minute and takes him down one more time in the closing seconds. 10-8 Piccolotti.

Final result: The judges score it 29-28, 30-27 and 30-27 all for Adam Piccolotti.

Justin Smitley vs. Jeremiah Labiano

11-6 for Labiano in the red gloves and feathered mullet (plus dark trunks) fighting out of Hayward, California. 10-7-1 for Smitley in the blue gloves and gray trunks out of Oakdale, California. Our referee in charge is Mike Beltran.

Round 1: Smitley runs quickly to the center and lands a right hand. Labiano presses forward and lands a leg kick. Smitley goes for a high kick but Labiano sweeps the leg and puts him on the ground. Smitley spins and spins on his back trying get a submission, but Labiano picks him up and carries him across the cage with one arm to get him to let go. Smitley goes for a leg in response. Labiano tries to break free and can’t so instead he starts dropping hard right hammerfists on Smitley’s head. Smitley throws strikes from the bottom in response and just won’t let go of the leg or change position. Labiano drops a few elbows and more rights. Three minutes gone. Smitley finally loses his leg and now he’s getting jacked up with big left hands, and Mike Beltran has seen enough because Smitley did not fight back or improve position — this one’s all over.

Final result: Jeremiah Labiano wins via technical knockout at 3:28 of round one.

Joe Neal vs. Josh San Diego

San Diego is 7-4 in the red gloves and black trunks with white trim, fighting out of Milpitas, California. Neal is 6-3 in the blue gloves and black trunks, fighting out of Oakland, California. Our referee in charge is Josh Rosenthal.

Round 1: Glove tap to start. San Diego presses Neal backward toward the fence throwing right hooks, looks for a leg trip, but Neal peels him off and they start trading. Neal lands a clean left as San Diego continues to press. Neal gets a takedown to full guard. San Diego tries to get his back to the fence but Neal turns him away. Neal backs up to drop a right hand but gave up enough space for San Diego to wall walk to his feet. San Diego lands a knee, then another as he has a front headlock, then throws an elbow to the head as he lets go. Neal is bleeding around his right eye. Jumping knee by San Diego. Neal tries to drop levels for a takedown. San Diego is free at 3:48. San Diego clinches but breaks of his own accord at 4:25. San Diego gets a late takedown and a very late full mount. 10-9 San Diego.

Round 2: Another glove tap before JSD comes forward with punches and kicks. Neal has to get a hand up to check a head kick. JSD with a body kick and a shoot for the takedown. He lets it go at 0:58. Leg kick by JSD. JSD comes forward with combos. San Diego takes Neal down from behind and he’s trying to get the hooks in, but Neal is too close to the fence and gets back up at 2:11. JSD paws with the left jab. Multiple inside leg kicks for JSD. Neal keeps getting pressed backward to the fence from every angle. JSD throws a combo with a knee and pushes Neal into the cage. Big right elbow misses on the break. JSD sprawls to block a takedown and teases a spinning backfist. 10-9 San Diego.

Round 3: San Diego’s corner told him “no more spinning bullshit” between rounds. Rosenthal warns them not to clash heads as R3 gets going. San Diego blocks another takedown attempt and pushes forward with his left jab. He dances to the right on his feet and throws a leg kick, then a backward heel kick toward the chin. Neal is landing a few shots here and there particularly his right hand. He catches JSD with a 1-2 combo but Neal gets back to his feet off a short takedown. JSD throws a liver kick as Neal pressed forward. Straight right hand for Neal. Blood is flowing down JSD’s nose as he goes for and gets another takedown, loading up right hands and delivering as Neal’s side is pressed into the fence with 90 seconds left. He goes for the back as Neal gets up. Neal breaks free at 3:59. Body kick by JSD. San Diego grabs the plum to throw a knee and has another takedown with 15 seconds left. Neal gets back up and both men swing to end the bout. 10-9 San Diego.

Final result: Josh San Diego wins via 28-29, 30-27, 29-28 split decision.

Chuck Campbell vs. Joseph Ramirez

Round 1: Unaired on DAZN.

Final result: Chuck Campbell wins a unanimous decision of 30-27 X3.

Anthony Figueroa Jr. vs. Samuel Romero

Round 1: Unaired on DAZN.

Final result: Anthony Figueroa Jr. wins 29-27, 28-26, 29-26 by unanimous decision.

Isaiah Gonzalez vs. Khai Wu

Round 1: Unaired on DAZN.

Final result: Gonzalez wins a 29-27, 28-29, 29-28 split decision.

Ahmed Abdelaziz vs. Laird Anderson

Round 1: Unaired on DAZN.

Final result: Anderson won by split decision 29-28 X2 and 28-29.

Cass Bell vs. Ty Costa

Red gloves and green hair for Bell at 1-0 out of Humboldt County, California. Ty Costa is 4-3 in the blue gloves out of Turlock, California. Our referee is Mark Smith.

Round 1: Tap of gloves to get us underway. Bell’s trunks match his hair. Costa sports the black trunks. Costa is crouching down low looking for a takedown and he gets his opening for a single leg at 39 seconds. Bell is back up at 0:53 and gets warned by Smith for grabbing the fence multiple times. Bell is taken down again at 1:30 and responds with elbows. Bell is back up again at 1:55 with Costa riding piggyback but he slips off at 2:04. They both swing hard as they break at 2:26. Costa ducks under a right hand and charges across the ring trying to take Bell down, but the fence keeps him upright. More elbows from Bell. Bell lands an overhand left when they break but Costa takes him right down. Costa tries to trap the head but lets Bell back up. 10-9 Costa.

Round 2: Costa goes for a single leg 23 seconds into the round and gets it 22 seconds later. Things stall out and the ref tells both men to get busy. Bell’s wrist and arm control is keeping him from doing much. Bell tries to trap an arm with his legs and Costa may be in trouble. Costa stacks Bell on his head trying to get out of danger. We get our second and third powerbomb of the night but neither is as effective as what Blencowe did. Bell pulls the arm back through his legs and hyper-extends it and Costa finally has to verbally tap out.

Final result: Cass Bell wins via submission (armbar) at 3:06 in the second round.

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