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Gustafsson: I’ll fight Jon Jones at heavyweight — and ‘Bones’ can cheat if he wants

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As soon as Jon Jones was handed a retroactive suspension by United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) — which would make him eligible to return to action next month — Alexander Gustafsson took to social media to call for a rematch against the former Light Heavyweight champion of the world.

The only problem with “The Mauler’s” request, however, is that he wants it to be for a belt, which will be hard to come by as Daniel Cormier currently holds both the 205 and 265-pound titles. And since he’s been active, there is no reason to strip him of either title.

Still, Gustaffson believes a “Bones” championship rematch is the one to make, and he is also willing to go up to Heavyweight to face his rival if Jones isn’t ready to start cutting weight.

“He’s a big light heavyweight, I’m a big light heavyweight, that makes sense,” said Gustafsson on a recent interview on The Ariel Helwani Show. “I think it’s a great fight and it’s too good not to be about the belt. He never lost, they took his belt away. And ‘DC’ doesn’t want to fight, he’s a heavyweight now, aiming at Brock.”

Gustafsson would rather face Jones at 205 pounds, saying Cormier really has no plans to drop back down.

“I think it should be about the real belt, of course. But if it’s for the interim let’s do it, I am up for it, I have no problem either way. I don’t know how it will play out, but for whatever it goes, I am here.”

Alex has long been critical of Jones not fighting clean, but says if the ex-champ wants to fight with the help of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) in the rematch, he will allow it.

“I don’t really care, he can cheat if he wants, I will still put a beating on him. It’s all good for me, whatever he wants to do. I know what I have,” he added.

Jon did express his interest in moving up to 265 pounds, as well, but he has his eyes set on “DC’s” title or Brock Lesnar. Neither of those fights seem to be possible, as Cormier is moving on from “Bones” and he is the front-runner to take on Lesnar next.

Since Jones isn’t in line to make his return until early 2019, facing “The Mauler” in a title eliminator fight seems like the logical matchup. Whether or not Cormier will be waiting for either of them once the dust settles remains to be seen, as the “champ-champ” is planning on retiring by March of 2019.