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Midnight Mania! Did Jon Jones snitch on someone to get reduced USADA suspension?

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Jon Jones is back, baby! The former light heavyweight champion got a very light fifteen-month sentence from an independent arbitrator, Richard McLaren. This makes him eligible to return as soon as the end of October.

How, exactly, did Jones wrangle such a light sentence? It turns out that buried in the arbitration agreement is the fact that Jones gave ‘Substantial Assistance’ to USADA. In other words, he turned someone in to USADA or another anti-doping organization.

Here is the clause. ‘Substantial Assistance’ refers to Jones helping USADA or another anti-doping body discover a violation or criminal offense by another person.

If you are wondering who Jon Jones snitched on, the agreement doesn’t say. The reduction was substantial, however, a whopping 30 months taken off Jones’ sentence.

His return won’t be at UFC 230, which is still missing a main event, according to Dana White and multiple sources who spoke to Ariel Helwani.

Other fighters have some strong feelings about USADA’s decision, especially ones who have faced their wrath before.

The full arbitration agreement, including details on Jon Jones admitting to his use of cocaine, his one-month stint in rehab, and the arbitrator’s conviction of his innocence despite Jones failing to prove just how he failed the test, can be found here.


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