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Watch Joe Rogan interview ... Joe Rogan?

It’s Labor Day weekend, which means everyone is with the fam enjoying the outdoors - that includes most fighters, managers, and MMA reporters, slowing the news down to a creep. So if you happen to be one of the few people still futzing around on the internet, we’ve got something a bit fun and silly for you.

If you’ve ever wondered what Joe Rogan interviewing Joe Rogan would look like, wonder no more. Some intrepid fan has stitched footage together from several episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience to create the most Rogan conversation ever Rogan’d between one Joe and another.

After over 1100 episodes, you know what to expect: bow hunting, elk, primate testicle size, and all that good stuff. With twice as many Rogans, you get twice the standard talking points. No mention of Fritz Haber, though, which seems like a missed opportunity. But after the attention this video has received, the creator of the video says he’s considering making more ... so there’s always next time.

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