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Video: Henry Cejudo reunited with UFC belt in New York

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 125-pound titleholder, Henry Cejudo, was recently reunited with his flyweight belt after spending more than a week apart, thanks to some lost luggage on the way to the most recent UFC event in Moscow.

“The Messenger” captured the crown with a split-decision win over Demetrious Johnson at the UFC 227 pay-per-view (PPV) event back in August, a victory that may have paved the way for a TJ Dillashaw super fight.

“There it is, from Moscow to New York, I finally got my belt back,” Cejudo told his social media followers. “Don’t you ever leave my sight again, you hear me? I missed her, I got my belt back.”

Cejudo (13-2) is the winner of three straight and is likely to face Johnson in a flyweight rubber match at some point in 2019, but that may depend on what happens with his plans to move up to bantamweight.

Time will tell.