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Video: ‘OCTO’ breaks down the highly-disputed origin story of UFC’s Octagon

Have you ever wondered how Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) settled on the Octagon?

Well wonder no more, as the world’s leading mixed martial art (MMA) promotion has unveiled it’s first installment of its “UFC 25 years in Short” series on UFC Fight Pass, which goes back in time to reveal the true originator of the idea.

UFC creator Art Davie. owner and CEO of SEG Bob Meyrowtiz, Michael Abramson — president of SEG — and many more give their sides of the tale regarding the origin of the world-famous Octagon. And to hear them tell it, early talks of pits, alligators, and even a electricity-filled rings were not fables, they were legit ideas thrown around.

Indeed, the UFC’s Octagon has become synonymous with mixed martial arts (MMA), but, as you can see in the video player embedded above, it’s a tough task to understand who actually came up with the idea, as there are so many players involved who all claim to have come up with using an eight-sided cage as the proving ground for the best fighters in the world.

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