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GGG vs Canelo 2 results, LIVE streaming fight updates

The biggest boxing rematch of 2018 is finally here after a four-month delay. Indeed, we’re just hours away from seeing Middleweight greats Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez duke it out once again after turning in 2017’s “Fight of the Year” inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

MMAmania will deliver LIVE coverage of “Golovkin vs. Canelo 2,” starting with the HBO Boxing pay-per-view (PPV) broadcast at 8 p.m. ET. You can also watch a live stream of the undercard here starting at 6 p.m.

Following their ultra-controversial draw in Sept. 2017, the two were set to fight on Cinco de Mayo, only for Alvarez to test positive for the weight-cutting agent clenbuterol. Though he denied knowingly ingesting the substance, Alvarez withdrew from the bout, leaving Golovkin to destroy late replacement Vanes Martirosyan.

Then came just a whole mess of fightin’ words.

Before they can settle their (tainted) beef, rising Mexican star Jaime Munguia will defend his Super Welterweight title against Brandon Cook, David Lemieux will test his monstrous power against the tough-as-nails Spike O’Sullivan, and Roman Gonzalez will attempt to bounce back from a gruesome knockout loss against Moises Fuentes.


Gennady Golovkin vs. Canelo Alvarez — Alvarez def. Golovkin via Majority Decision (115-113 x2, 114-114)
Jaime Munguia vs. Brandon Cook — Munguia def. Cook via TKO (1:03 rd 3)
David Lemieux vs. Gary O’Sullivan — Lemieux def. O’Sullivan by KO (2:44 rd 1)
Roman Gonzalez vs. Moises Fuentes — Gonzalez def. Fuentes by KO (1:44 rd 5)

Golovkin vs. Canelo 2 Round-by-Round Coverage:

(Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)

Middleweight Championship: Gennady Golovkin vs. Canelo Alvarez

Round one: One hour and forty five minutes later, we’re finally about to get underway. Golovkin in white, Alvarez in black. They meet in center ring and stare for a few seconds. Left from Alvarez. Jabs from GGG. Slow-paced opening round so far. Canelo keeps landing his left jab. Golovkin gets in his, too.

10-9 Alvarez

Round two: Double jab by Canelo. Single one from Golovkin. More jabs from both men. Left by Canelo and another jab. 3-piece combo by Alvarez. Saul leans back from a hook and counters. GGG with a check hook. Golovkin with a combo and a nice jab. Body uppercut lands for Canelo, who gets in a nice left to the temple.

10-9 Alvarez in a closer round than round 1

Round three: Both men exchange uppercuts. Good left by GGG. GGG hits the glove, Canelo responds with a thudding glove punch of his own. Canelo with a combo, eats a counter in return. Couple of Golovkin jabs to end the round.

10-9 Golovkin

Round four: Thirty seconds in and neither man has landed clean so far. Canelo pressuring and out-throwing the Kazakh. Flush uppercut by Golovkin. There’s finally a body shot from GGG, who’s been outlanded to the body by a huge margin. GGG jabs, jabs and jabs again. Canelo with a nice one and a left hook afterwards. Jab trade. Again. Body shot by Alvarez.

10-9 Golovkin

Round five: They both hit body shots, but GGG’s looked cleaner. Jab by Golovkin. Uppercut from GGG and Alvarez responds with a body-head-body combo. There’s a right that lands. Left in response by Golovkin. Golovkin with a straight right and a jab, Canelo with one, too. Another GGG jab. Two from Alvarez. Jabfest from both men before Canelo tries to hit the body, but both shots appear to have been blocked. Canelo with a wild miss. Right by GGG and a return from Alvarez.

10-10 draw

Round six: Good left by Canelo. Body left, too. There’s a right from the Mexican. Snapping jab by GGG. Right hand lead by Golovkin. Good left counter by Alvarez. Jab-straight-straight-jab-jab by GGG. Canelo swings and hits the liver. Lefts from both men. Canelo to the forehead. GGG with a couple lefts.

10-9 Alvarez

Round seven: Alvarez working the body. Right by GGG, left by Canelo. They both hit right hands. Popping jab by Golovkin. Uppercut. Hook from Canelo who evades the return fire. GGG with a left to the jaw, Canelo with a liver shot. Canelo still marching forward while keeping a slightly higher workrate. Left hits for Canelo. One for GGG

10-9 Alvarez

Round eight: Lead lefts for Golovkin. Canelo answers with a right hand. Another one to the ear. Jabs and lefts from both men. There’s another good right hand by Cinnamon. Golovkin with a right that sneaks around the guard. The right hand has been there for Alvarez this round. Right hand whips the head back of Alvarez. GGG with a right. Left. Lefts from both. There’s a nice right from GGG.

10-10 draw

Round nine: Canelo bleeding from the head at the end of that round. Right to the body by Saul and one to the head. Both men swing and hit wide punches. Jabs from both. Uppercut by GGG. 3-2 by Canelo. Lead left as well. Hook-uppercut by GGG. Two to the head quickly. Right-left by Canelo. 3 short, non-full power shots by GGG. Canelo complaining about a headbutt. Canelo misses a left and eats a jab.

10-9 Golovkin

Round ten: Uppercut by GGG. Canelo gets in a right. Another. That one gets blocked. Right from GGG. Canelo throwing, but hitting glove and arm. There’s two nice jabs by Golovkin. 1-2 by GGG and he’s swinging a lot. Golovkin throwing a lot and landing quite a few. Canelo lands some return fire. Uppercut and a right, but both glance. Thudding right by GGG. Canelo gets in a frozen rope of a jab. GGG bloodies the nose of Canelo with a left. GGG with a combo to end the round in the best stanza for him so far.

10-9 Golovkin

Round eleven: Right by GGG, left by Canelo. Rare body jab from Golovkin. Head jab, too. Golovkin looking fresher here and outputting Canelo by a lot. About seven punches to one in favor of the man from Kazakhstan. There’s some shots landing for Alvarez. Right from Canelo. Left from GGG. Canelo with a shot to the ribs and then comes upstairs. Both men with right hands.

10-9 Golovkin in a close round

Round twelve: Final round in one hell of a contest. Canelo gets in a right to open us up. Big uppercut rocks the head of Alvarez. Alvarez fires, not sure if he lands cleanly. Slip by Alvarez, not a knockdown. Left by GGG, uppercut by Canelo. They’re both flowing here. Popping uppercut at the right hand of GGG. Canelo advancing here. Both men fire from the pocket, Canelo gets in a left. GGG with a trickle of blood from above the eye now. Golovkin with a left and that’s about it. Great fight.

10-10 draw and I have it 116-115 Golovkin.

Final result: Saul “Canelo” Alvarez defeats Gennady Golovkin by Majority Decision, 114-114, 115-113

Super Welterweight Championship: Jaime Munguia vs. Brandon Cook

Round one: Well that was a long intermission, but expected given the two quick finishes. Cook finally makes his way to the ring in the blue and white colors similar to his native Toronto Blue Jays and Maple Leafs (although he’s in black and blue trunks). Munguia in the Mexican tri-color red/green/white. Munguia with a winging overhand that misses and they flurry at each other in response. Munguia lands a low blow and we’re paused for a minute while Cook catches his breath. Cook backs Munguia up with a big swing, but he circles off the ropes well. Cook lands a right hand. There’s a left. Munguia gets in a big right. They clinch and Munguia lands one to the back of the head that gets another warning from the ref. Cook with a bruise under his left eye and not looking great here. Munguia unloading now as the round is ending. Cook eating a lot of shots here.

10-9 Munguia

Round two: Cook with a few shots and gets Munguia to the ropes with a nice right hand. Munguia bullying Cook right back and hitting him with some thunder. He’s up nearly 3-to-1 on the punching stats and looks to add to it. Munguia gets Cook to the corner and is thudding punches that Cook is mostly blocking, but still not wearing too well. Clinch and a break. Again. Right hand from the Mexican. Four, five punches in an assault by Munguia near the end of the round again. He’s done a good job of turning up the pressure at the end of the round, possibly to leave favorable impressions with the judges, despite winning the rounds anyway.

10-9 Munguia

Round three: Similar start here, as Cook is starting out aggressive again. Oof, cook gets hit with a left behind the ear and drops. Munguia with a kinda dirty shot as Cook was on one knee. We’ve got Munguia smelling blood here. He’s teeing off on Cook, both body and head. Cook fires back, but eats a big body shot and an even bigger hook. He bends over to cover up. The ref, Tony Weeks, jumps in and saves Cook from a further beating.

Final result: Jaime Munguia defeats Brandon Cook via TKO 1:03 of rd 3

Middleweight: David Lemieux vs. Gary O’Sullivan

Round one: Great pacing to start this card off as the next fight is underway nearly immediately. O’Sullivan in white, Lemieux in black. Triple jab from SOS early. Lemieux with a good combo to body and head. O’Sullivan getting punched in his silly mustache like it’s a target. Pair of solid jabs from Gary. Huge shot and whoa, that was quick, Lemieux with a smashing left hook and O’Sullivan hits the canvas like a sack of rocks. O’Sullivan can barely see straight and the ref waves it off quickly.

Final result: David Lemieux defeats Spike O’Sullivan by KO 2:44 of rd 1

Super Flyweight: Roman Gonzalez vs. Moises Fuentes

Round one: If this doesn’t take the booby prize for slowest walkout of the night, then this is gonna be a long one. Gonzalez in black with red trim, Fuentes in gold and black trim. Slow start from both men. Some jabs from Fuentes. Gonzalez working the body with lefts. Fuentes still landing that jab. Chocolatito with a decent left, but not a full power swing. They both go to the torso and both hit each others’ elbows. Some slight blood coming from the nose of Fuentes, probably due to that left.

10-10 round

Round two: Fuentes with some aggression here. Landing some hooks and crosses. Gonzalez to the body. Couple of nice shots from both men here. Snapping lefts from the Nicaraguan, Gonzalez. Fuentes is bleeding from the head now, too. Solid hooks from both men. Fuentes’ guard is a bit low and he’s eating shots to the temple while keeping his gloves too low to block. Gonzalez outlanding Fuentes at least 5-1 here.

10-9 Gonzalez

Round three: Both men land rights. Fuentes with a flurry. Nice right, too. Gonzalez with 3 shots. Both men hit the body. Chocolatito working busy here and landing quite a lot. Fuentes missing slow and badly.

10-9 Gonzalez

Round four: Both man landing quite a bit, but Gonzalez seems unfazed by anything that Fuentes is throwing or landing. Impossible to catalog the punches each man is throwing and landing here, but it’s pretty good standing and banging here. Gonzalez is landing something like 80% of his punches and Fuentes is getting through maybe half. Good showing in this middle round by Fuentes, to be honest.

10-9 Gonzalez

Round five: This is repeating itself with punches in bunches. Nice uppercut-uppercut-hook lands for Chocolatito. Oh, wow. Huge overhand right from Gonzalez floors Fuentes and he’s barely moving, much less making the count that the ref starts, but then waves off after 2.

Final result: Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez defeats Moises Fuentes by KO at 1:44 of rd 5

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