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UFC Fight Night 136 results stream live: ‘Hunt vs Oleinik’ play-by-play updates

MMA: UFC 209-Hunt vs Overeem Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is back on UFC Fight Pass this morning/afternoon (Sat., Sept. 15, 2018) with the UFC Fight Night 136 mixed martial arts (MMA) event, which features a hard-hitting Heavyweight main event between fan favorite, Mark Hunt, and hometown favorite, Aleksei Oleinik. In UFC Fight Night 136’s co-main event, held inside Olympic Stadium in Moscow, Russia, top-ranked Light Heavyweight contender, Jan Blachowicz (No. 4), will tangle with Ukrainian finishing machine, Nikita Krylov, in a 205-pound clash of styles.

All that and so much more. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 136 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass “Prelims” matches online, which are scheduled to begin at 10:30 a.m. ET, followed by the main card start time of 2 p.m. ET, also on Fight Pass.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps and post-fight analysis following “Hunt vs. Oleinik.”

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 136 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Mark Hunt vs. Aleksei Oleinik — Oleinik def. Hunt by submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:26 of Round One
Jan Blachowicz vs. Nikita Krylov — Blachowicz def. Krylov by submission (D’Arce choke) at 2:41 of Round Two
Shamil Abdurakhimov vs. Andrei Arlovski — Abdurakhimov def. Arlovski by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)
Thiago Alves vs. Alexey Kunchenko — Kunchenko def. Alves by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)
Khalid Murtazaliev vs. C.B. Dollaway — Murtazaliev def. Dollaway by TKO (punches) at 5:00 of Round Two
Petr Yan vs. Jin Soo Son — Yan def. Son by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
Kajan Johnson vs. Rustam Khabilov — Khabilov def. Taisumov by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Desmond Green vs. Mairbek Taisumov — Taisumov def. Green by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Magomed Ankalaev vs. Marcin Prachnio — Ankalaev def. Prachnio by KO (head kick and punches) at 3:09 of Round One
Jordan Johnson vs. Adam Yandiev — Johnson def. Yandiev by submission (arm triangle choke) at 0:42 of Round Two
Ramazan Emeev vs. Stefan Sekulic — Emeev def. Sekulic by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-26)
Merab Dvalishvili vs. Terrion Ware — Dvalishvili def. Ware by unanimous decision (30-25 x3)


265 lbs.: Mark Hunt vs. Aleksei Oleinik

Round one: Oleinik presses forward early. Hunt opens up with a hard outside leg kick. Jab misses for Hunt. Oleinik finds a home for a short right hook. Combination by Oleinik misses. Hunt returns favor with another leg kick. Power right hand from Hunt crashes into Oleinik’s head. The Russian stayed standing. Another leg kick by Hunt buckles Oleinik. Left hook lands for Hunt. Two and a half minutes down. Oleinik tries to grab a gold of a leg but Hunt defends nicely. More leg kicks bruise the lead leg of Oleinik. Good left hook lands for Oleinik. Hunt temporarily falls to his knee. Oleinik rushes in and gets Hunt to the grab. Oleinik works to back control and tries to secure the rear-naked choke. One minute remaining. Hunt defends nicely before an adjustment by Oleinik allows him to squeeze even harder. After a few seconds of pressure, Hunt was forced to tap.

Final result: Oleinik def. Hunt by submission (rear-naked choke)

205 lbs.: Jan Blachowicz vs. Nikita Krylov

Round one: Early leg kick by Krylov followed by a head kick. Good right hand by Blachowicz. Oblique kick by Krlyov. Missed hook by Blachowicz allows Krylov to secure a takedown. Short elbows by Nikita as Blachowicz looks for an arm triangle choke. Back fist by Blachowicz off his back. Short body punches by Krylov from full mount. Two minutes down. Blachowicz attempts to get back to his feet but Krylov grabs a hold of his neck. Krylov is forced to let go. Blachowicz gains side control and looks to set up a kimura. Back fists by Blachowicz lands flush. Short elbows from the top force Krylov to cover up. Just over one minute remaining. Blachowicz stuck in half guard. He then passes through back into side control. Short back fist lands again for Blachowicz. 10-9 Blachowicz.

Round two: Front kick misses for Krylov. Hard body kick for Blachowicz before grabbing a hold of the leg and transitioning to the back. Krylov flips the script and nearly gets an ankle lock. Blachowicz shakes it off and gets back into side control. One minute off the clock. Hard right hands from the top by Blachowicz. Krylov offering little defense off his back. Blachowicz briefly lands a few short hammer fists. Hard body shot forces Krylov to turn over. Blachowicz puts his hooks in and grabs a hold of a modified D’Arce choke. Krylov tries to remain patient but is forced to tap.

Final result: Blachowicz def. Krylov by submission (D’Arce choke)

265 lbs.: Shamil Abdurakhimov vs. Andrei Arlovski

Round one: Abdurakhimov looking to load up early with a right hand. Arlovski draws the clinch and lands a knee. Abdurakhimov grabs a leg and snaps Arlovski to the ground. Back on the feet, Arlovski lands more powerful knees in the clinch. Abdurakhimov gets Arlovski to the ground again and ends up in full guard. Arlovski holding on to Abdurakhimov’s arms in effort to stand it up. Two minutes off the clock. Short left hands land for Abdurakhimov. Referee stands the tow heavyweights up. Arlovski goes high with a head kick. Forward combination misses for Andrei. Abdurakhimov finds a home for left hook from range. Inside low kick by Arlovski forces Abdurakhimov to fall to the ground. Under one minute remaining. Arlovski lands a short right hand inside before the bell sounds. 10-9 Abdurakhimov.

Round two: Short leg kick by Abdurakhimov to open the round before moving in for the clinch. Arlovski breaks free and land a short right hand. An inadvertent knee to the groin by Arlovski briefly stops the action. One minute off the clock. Front kick by Arlovski but Abdurakhimov catches his foot and pushes him to the ground. Abdurakhimov in top control and lands short right hands to the body. Referee warns for more action. Abdurakhimov lands countless left hands as the former UFC champion got back to his feet. Just over two minutes left on the clock. Arlovski’s nose looks busted up from the punches. More clinch work from the two heavyweights. Arlovski lands some knees before securing his own takedown. Abdurakhimov quickly back to his feet. Good slip by Arlovski avoids a power right. One minute remaining. Short right hand entering the clinch by Abdurakhimov. Both heavyweights look tired as they clinch in the center of the Octagon. Quick trip by Arlovski gets Abdurakhimov to his back before the end of the round. 10-9 Arlovski.

Round three: Good inside leg kick by Abdurakhimov. Spinning elbows nearly lands for Abdurakhimov. The two clinch again. Wrist control by Arlovski. They break. Good combination to the body by Abdurakhimov as Arlovski misses with a counter over the top. Short right hand inside by Arlovski. Good left land for Andrei. Solid right hand lands for Abdurakhimov to Arlovski’s body. Two minutes down. Accidental eye poke by Abdurakhimov stops the action. Arlovski is able to continue. Combination misses for Arlovski. Another clinch ensues. Good knees inside by Abdurakhimov. Arlovski breaks and nearly lands a huge uppercut. Spinning back fist by Abdurakhimov badly misses. A low blow by Abdurakhimov stops the action yet again with one minute remaining in the fight. Arlovski continues to protest Abdurakhimov’s open hands that lead to the eye poke. Arlovski tries for another trip but Abdurakhimov defends nicely. 10-9 Abdurakhimov.

Final result: Abdurakhimov def. Arlovski by unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Thiago Alves vs. Alexey Kunchenko

Round one: Alves opened up with a leg kick. He then missed on a forward combination. Kunchenko remained patient. Alves leg kick up high. One minute down. Kunchenko sends a feeler jab. Kunchenko commanding the center of the cage. Alves misses on a low leg kick. Kunchenko hits his own leg kick. Right hand landed by Kunchenko. Sweeping kick by Alves. Kunchenko misses on a kick. Good 1-2 combo by the Russian. Alves covering up well with his hands high. Quick 1-2 by Alves. Just over a minute to go. Front kick down the middle by Alves. Kunchenko stalking along the cage. Right hand by Kunchenko backs up Alves. 10-9 Kunchenko.

Round two: Both men land body kicks to open the round. Alves sends out a jab to follow. Right hand sneaks in for Kunchenko. Alves counters with a nice combination. Good left hook by Alves backs the Russian up. Alves followed it up with a blistering leg kick. One minute down. Body kick by Alves. Kunchenko lands a nice kick up high. Kunchenko hits a left hook and Alves returns with another body kick. Kunchenko finds a home for a straight left. Front kick to the body by Kunchenko. Two minutes remaining. Alves low kick checked by Kunchenko. Kunchenko’s nose is starting to bleed. Good left hand counter by Kunchenko as Alves moves in. Body kick by Alves followed by another leg kick. One minute remaining. Missed combination by Kunchenko as Alves head work proved too good. Leg kick by Alves temporarily buckles Kunchenko. 10-9 Alves.

Round three: Alves lands another brutal low kick followed by a body kick to Kunchenko. Right hand over the top by Kunchenko. Alves lands a good combination down the pipe. More pressure by Alves as he forces Kunchenko to cover up due to strikes. Kunchenko comes forward with a hook to the body. Kunchenko misses on a huge right hand. Good body punch by Kunchenko. Two minutes down. Both men miss on wild combinations inside. Alves finds a home for a right hand off the break. Kunchenko comes in with a knee followed by a right hand. The Russian is getting more comfortable. He lands a crisp 1-2 that snaps Alves’ head back. An inadvertent low blow temporarily stopped the action. High kick by Alves falls short. Good counter left hook by Kunchenko inside. Alves looking for more leg kicks. Kunchenko invokes a clinch along the cage. Good knees inside by Kunchenko before securing a takedown. Alves quickly gets back up. One minute left. Kunchenko presses the action again and lands a big uppercut. Alves’ face is starting to bruise. Good body kick by Alves. Kunchenko with power shots to the body. Hard knees inside by Kunchenko. Spinning elbow by Kunchenko just misses. 10-9 Kunchenko.

Final result: Kunchenko def. Alves by unanimous decision

185 lbs.: Khalid Murtazaliev vs. C.B. Dollaway

Round one: Dollaway advancing early. Low kick lands. One minute in. Body shots land for Dollaway. Murtazaliev lands a leg kick in return, stuffs a takedown. Dollaway keeps going and lands in side control. Now looking for the back. It looks like he was trying a banana split there, but they wind up in an entertaining scramble that puts them back on their feet. Heavy body kick and now Dollaway’s retreating. Murtazaliev lands a left downstairs and shoots into a guillotine two minutes in. Dollaway adjusts his position, still squeezing. Murtazaliev pops his head free and moves to side control. Two minutes to go.

He goes for the crucifix, but Dollaway spins to his knees. Murtazaliev with some decent shots in transition. Dollaway makes it back to his feet, eats some hard knees. One minute to go. Murtazaliev with a body lock. Inside reap gets Dollaway down into guard. Good punches from the FNG veteran. He keeps it up until the bell. 10-9 Murtazaliev.

Round two: Inside low kick from Murtazaliev to start. Body kicks from Dollaway. Spinning back kick to the body lands clean for Murtazaliev, who gets slammed to the mat. Dollaway on top in guard. Now he passes right to mount, takes the back. Murtazaliev gets the hooks off and turns into top position as Dollaway transitions from a guillotine to an anaconda choke. Two minutes in. Dollaway turns for the anaconda, but loses his grip and gives up top position. Murtazaliev moves right to mount, cracks him with an elbow. Good shots. Two minutes to go.

Lovely spin by Dollaway, but Murtazaliev scrambles out and takes top position on a turtling Dollaway. Hard knees to the body. Nice knee on the way up and a takedown. Dollaway looks exhausted. Murtazaliev passes right to mount, looks for the crucifix, and tries a running knee to the body when Dollaway rolls free. Dollaway looks done with a minute to go. Murtazaliev posturing up and punches away. The announcers are yelling at Herb Dean to stop the fight and he doesn’t. Horrific refereeing from Dean. Now he stops it between rounds.

Final result: Murtazaliev def. Dollaway by TKO (punches)

135 lbs.: Petr Yan vs. Jin Soo Son

Round one: Yan opens with a body kick. Right hand by Son. 1-2 from Yan in return. Body kick connects. One minute in. Jabs from Son. Straight right, eats a body kick. 1-2s from Yan, Son smiles and waves him on. they trade knees inside. Two minutes in. Yan sticks his fingers out and Son runs into them for a bad eye poke. He hits a nicely timed takedown when they return, getting Yan to his knees. Yan scrambles up, eats a knee to the body. He lands a slashing elbow inside that Son absorbs without issue. Two minutes to go.

Yan tries to spin, falls short. Good combination on the fence. Yan fires a lead left and eats a hook in return. Good uppercut by Yan. Son ties up against the fence with a minute to go. Good punches in the clinch from Yan. Son lands a right hand. 10-9 Yan.

Round two: Yan starting to connect, blasting Son with clean punches. Son eats it all without issue. One minute in. BIG uppercuts from Yan. Son lands a cross in return. Straight lefts from Yan, Son waves them off and lands a right hand. More clean straights from Yan, digs to the body. Son still right in there with him. Two minutes in. Cross counter from Yan, booming right cross. Uppercut from Son. Lovely counters by Yan. Son with a brilliantly timed takedown into guard. Two minutes to go.

Yan trying to kick Son’s hip away, cannot do so. Son nearly takes mount. One minute to go. Yan rolls to his knees, takes top position when Son looks for the back. Now the front headlock. 10-9 Yan.

Round three: Son latches onto a leg, can’t keep the grip and eats hard hooks inside. Yan tries to spin and Son wags his finger at him. Both land hard left hands. Left hooks, uppercut by Yan. Nasty elbow inside. One minute in. Lovely trip attempt from Yan and he lands heavy blows as Son stands. Son right cross, Yan uppercut. Spinning elbow lands perfectly clean and Son just barely reacts. Yan is throwing massive heat and nothing is hurting this man. Two minutes in. Son counters a spinning back kick with a right hand. 3-2 from Yan. Son with a nice takedown attempt. Right cross, glancing uppercut, left hook all land for Yan. Son ducks directly into a head kick, eats a left, keeps throwing back. This dude’s a freak. 3-2 from Yan. Two minutes to go.

Hard clinch shots from Yan. Son is still throwing with him, slips as he eats a body kick. Yan actually looks tired from beating this man so hard. One minute to go. Clean check hook by Yan. Yan has hit him 100 times with ridiculously hard strikes. Low kick from Yan. Yan goes body-head, lands a massive right cross. One more crushing uppercut for good measure. 10-8 Yan.

Final result: Yan def. Son by unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Kajan Johnson vs. Rustam Khabilov

Round one: Johnson body kick met by a right straight. Johnson staying busy with his kicks. 1-1-2 lands clean for him. One minute in. Body kick from Khabilov. Right hand downstairs. Johnson tries a head kick. Oblique kick. Two minutes in. Khabilov falling short with his punches, eats a leg kick. More kicks. Two minutes to go.

Johnson doing a good job of keeping him at range. Left hook dings Johnson. Johnson firing his jab with a minute to go, follows up with a straight right. Khabilov shoots, stuffed. Overhand right lands for him. Wheel kick attempt. Johnson with a head kick at the bell. 10-9 Johnson.

Round two: Good cross counter by Khabilov to start. Johnson goes back to attacking his legs, then tries a crane kick. Good body kick. 1-2. One minute in. Teep from Johnson. Khabilov cracks him with a nice combination and can’t get Johnson down with a single-leg. Elbow on the break by the Dagestani. Leg kick from Johnson two minutes in. Khabilov shoots against the fence and completes it. Johnson looking for a leg. Khabilov spins and extracts it, avoiding a triangle with two minutes to go.

Khabilov in full guard. Johnson spins for an armbar attempt, eats a right hand with a minute to go. Johnson constantly throwing up submissions, but Khabilov landing punches as he does. Johnson threatens to invert and Khabilov gives him a butt stomp. 10-9 Khabilov.

Round three: Khabilov blasts him with an overhand right and left hook. Things slow down a bit for the rest of the first minute. Low kick by Johnson. Johnson lands a straight right. Two minutes in. Khabilov tries an up-elbow and walks into a knee that knocks him back. 1-2 from Johnson. Another clean knee, but Khabilov shoots through, only to get swept and hit with a knee on the break. Khabilov goes for a single-leg and tries a spinning elbow. Two minutes to go.

Johnson fires a head kick, gets taken down. Johnson again staying active off of his back. One minute to go. Khabilov postures out of a triangle. Johnson goes for a heel hook at the bell. 10-9 Johnson.

Final result: Khabilov def. Johnson by split decision

155 lbs.: Desmond Green vs. Mairbek Taisumov

Round one: Hard inside low kick from Taisumov. Green to the outside. Leg kick from Taisumov, straight left from Green. Body kick this time from Beckan. Another inside low kick a minute in. Green jabs the body. Head kick from Taisumov blocked and they trade straights. Two minutes in. Lead right by Taisumov. Straight right and body kick. Green connects with an overhand left and takes a finger in the eye. Doesn’t take long to restart with two minutes to go.

Low kick from Taisumov. Green hooks off the jab. One minute to go. Both land leg kicks. More low kicks by Green. Taisumov stuffs a takedown and eats a pair of rights. 10-9 Taisumov.

Round two: Leg kick from Green. Good left to the body. One minute in. Green steps in with a left. Taisumov lands a right hand as Green dips, then lands another low kick. Green shoots in, denied. Good jab by Green two minutes in. Body kick from Green, both land left hands. Lead right from Taisumov, answered by a straight left. Two minutes to go.

Gnarly low blow and Green is doubled over. He lands a right hook when they restart. Clean straight left by Green. Green gets in deep on Taisumov’s hips but can’t budge him. Overhand right clips Green with the forearm and drops him, but Green scrambles up. Body kick lands for Taisumov, met by a left straight. 10-9 Green.

Round three: Snapping jab from Green. Another leg kick by Taisumov. 1-2 knocks Green back a minute in. Straight left lands clean for Green in return. Knee to the body. High kick from Taisumov just blocked and a jab comes back. Two straight rights from Taisumov. Two minutes in. Low kick again. Straight left by Green, lead right by Taisumov. Two minutes to go.

Hard leg kick from Taisumov. Green pops him with a jab. Another high kick by Taisumov. Right to the body falls short. One minute to go. Green shoots, stuffed. Green tries to rush in, eats another right before the bell. 10-9 Taisumov.

Final result: Taisumov def. Green by unanimous decision

205 lbs.: Magomed Ankalaev vs. Marcin Prachnio

Round one: Ankalaev on the front foot, eats a leg kick. One minute in. Knee from Ankalaev. Counter 1-2 by Prachnio. They trade power hands. Head kick exchange. Nice combination from Ankalaev near the fence two minutes in. Prachnio tries a head kick. Lead left lands for Ankalaev. Left hook from Prachnio. Counter right hand buckles Prachnio and a head kick sends him to the mat, where Ankalaev pounds him out.

Final result: Ankalaev def. Prachnio by KO (head kick and punches)

185 lbs.: Jordan Johnson vs. Adam Yandiev

Round one: Yandiev throws overhand rights. Low kick lands for him. Johnson goes for a single-leg, stuffs a takedown, lands a hard right hand as Yandiev tries to stand. Yandiev holding on from guard. He rolls to his knees after eating a few shots, blatantly grabs the fe fence to stand. Yandiev goes for a guillotine without success as Johnson grinds on him. Yandiev makes it to his feet. Two minutes in. Jab from Johnson. Yandiev tries a front kick. Johnson grabs the rear waistlock, drags Yandiev to his knees, and starts dropping hard left hands. Yandiev works his way up, dragged down. Full mount for Johnson. Two minutes to go.

Yandiev trying to just hold on. Now he spins free, only to get hauled back to the fence. Johnson threatens a d’arce. On top in half guard. Full mount, now the back. He locks up the RNC, can’t get the finish and goes back to pounding from mount. 10-8 Johnson.

Round two: Johnson fires a head kick and muscles Yandiev back to the mat.He quickly passes to half guard and locks up the arm triangle for the finish.

Final result: Johnson def. Yandiev by submission (arm triangle choke)

170 lbs.: Ramazan Emeev vs. Stefan Sekulic

Round one: Sekulic fires oblique kicks. Emeev looks for a head kick, gets jammed up by that oblique kick. Lead right lands for the Russian a minute in. Sekulic comes back with an overhand left. Double underhooks for Emeev. Sekulic pushes him off the fence and lands an elbow on the break. Lead left by Sekulic. He shoots in and Emeev counters with a kimura grip. Nice sweep with the kimura to get back to the feet. Sekulic puts him back on teh fence. Two minutes to go.

Emeev gets double unders and reverses position. Elbows from Emeev. Inside low kick in the center. Head kick attempt with a minute to go. Sekulic fires a knee and Emeev takes him down for it. Sekulic makes it back to his feet. BIG right hook rocks Sekulic and Emeev follows up with a head kick that drops the Serb. Sekulic manages to survive. 10-9 Emeev.

Round two: Sekulic fires a pair of counters, nearly eats a head kick. Emeev tries to step into the clinch and Sekulic takes him down. Emeev looking for a kimura from guard, nothing there. One minute in. Emeev gets his feet on Sekulic’s hips and kicks him away, then reverses when Sekulic re-enters the clinch. Good punches from Emeev as Sekulic lands a knee. Two minutes in. Counter right by Emeev. Two minutes to go.

Sekulic shoots, denied by the whizzer. Emeev tries another head kick. Good right hand by the Russian. Knee lands for him. 10-9 Emeev.

Round three: Emeev hops in with a knee to the body, then takes a finger in the eye. Short pause. Good right hand catches Sekulic angling out and Emeev avoids a takedown. One minute in. Sekulic shoots under a spinning elbow, goes for a takedown, and gets swept via kimura. Emeev on top in half guard. Deep half guard for Sekulic, who uses it to get back to his feet. Two minutes in. Back to the center. Emeev continues to press forward. Two minutes to go.

Emeev lands a right straight downstairs. Oblique kick from Sekulic. 1-2 by the Russian. Emev shoots, denied. Lead right connects. One minute to go. Head kick attempt by Emeeev, Sekulic comes back with a counter left and shoots. Emeev goes back to the kimura defese. Emeev avoids it and they trade on the fence. 10-9 Emeev.

Final result: Emeev def. Sekulic by unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Merab Dvalishvili vs. Terrion Ware

Round one: Dvalishvili sends out head kicks early. Nice knee tap by Dvalishvili into guard. Ware firing elbows off his back. Nice right hands. One minute in. Half guard now. Elbows and short hammerfists land hard. Ware regains guard two minutes in, eats more elbows. Back to half guard. Nice control by Dvalishvili as they scoot towards the fence, constantly landing shots. Two minutes to go.

Ware gets to a knee and stands, pulling his leg free of a single-leg attempt. Nice counter right by Ware, but Dvalishvili takes him down anyway. Ware turns to his knees. One minute to go. Right hands from the Georgian. Ware makes it to his feet, can’t dislodge Dvalishvili. Now he separates. Dvalishvili looks for another single-leg, then opens up against the cage. 10-8 Dvalishvili.

Round two: Dvalishvili still throwing plenty of kicks. Glancing wheel kick, slip. Low kick lands for him. One minute in. More low kicks. Dvalishvili the more active of the two, hits a double-leg against the cage. Ware looking to get to his knees. Knees from Dvalishvili, who tries to wrangle him back down. Two minutes to go.

Nice high-crotch takedown into guard. Ground-and-pound from Dvalishvili. One minute to go. He stays busy with strikes until the bell. 10-9 Dvalishvili.

Round three: Ware goes for a spinning back fist, gets taken down a few seconds later. Back against the cage. Half guard for Dvalishvili. More persistent ground-and-pound. Back to guard. Ware really unable to do anything as Dvalishvili continues to grind away. Two minutes to go.

Ware threatens a triangle, his first real offense off his back, but Dvalishvili avoids it and passes to half guard. Dvalishvili pins down a wrist with a minute to go. Dvalishvili ramping up the ground-and-pound. He continues punching until the bell. 10-9 Dvalishvili.

Final result: Dvalishvili def. Ware by unanimous decision

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