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Midnight Mania! Logan Paul thinks he could fight CM Punk or Conor McGregor in UFC ... because of course he does

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Logan Paul thinks he could fight either CM Punk or Conor McGregor in the UFC, because of course he thinks that. He’s done athletics his whole life, you see.

The professional attention-seeker and poster boy for white adolescent A-holes everywhere said, that after his planned boxing matches against fellow Youtuber KSI this fall, he wants to fight a UFC fighter. Via

“I want to fight a UFC fighter. I want to get in the octagon,” Paul said. “Yeah, bro, I wrestled my whole life. For real for real. Bro, there’s no reason I can’t. I literally did athletics my whole life.

“Dana White, you watching this, bro? Pick a fighter for me, dude. Late next year.”

The sad thing is, Paul probably is a better athlete than CM Punk, who had no athletic background whatsoever. There is a huge audience for whatever it is he does besides get banned from Japan for filming in their suicide forest. Paul also mentioned the circus of a boxing match between Mayweather and McGregor as proof anything is now possible in this world.

He’s already got takers. Resident good-looking long-haired Canadian Elias Theodorou volunteered his services, and he would be near the weight class Logan said he would fight at. Mike Jackson, who of course fought CM Punk at welterweight, also volunteered to handle it.

Paul is currently training for his boxing match and can be seen knocking down a sparring partner here


Dustin Ortiz doesn’t like the matchup between Joe Benavidez vs. Ray Borg being billed as a fight for a title shot.

Alex Volkanovski doing a cool thing for charity on eBay, so if anyone has disposable income, feel free to buy the glove.

I’m a little worried John Dodson III with hair grown out might have superpowers

Aaron Pico is facing his most legitimate challenge yet, Leandro Higo, at at stacked Bellator 206 that also includes Gegard Mousasi vs. Rory Macdonald, Rampage vs. Wanderlei 4, and Douglas Lima vs. Andrey Koreshkov, who are in the opening round of Bellator’s welterweight Grand Prix.

Zabit Magomedsharipov getting in some body shots. Better Ramazan than me.

Darren Till and Mike Perry had a little trouble with the accents; Till thought Perry wanted to go to the spa with him. But of course they happily went back to the hotel and sparred, boxing glove on their power hand and MMA glove on their lead hand.

It will be interesting watching Darren Till go at it with Israel Adesanya once he inevitably moves up to middleweight.

Young Blood

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This lady just trucked this guy.

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Gunnar Nelson is either in training or a horror movie, either would work.

Im almost ready

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