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TJ Dillashaw happy to knock out golden boy Garbrandt as many times as UFC asks

TJ doesn’t care that the UFC seems to want Cody as champ, so long as he keeps making money off it.

MMA: UFC 227-Dillashaw vs Garbrandt Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Leading up to his second fight against nemesis Cody Garbrandt, TJ Dillashaw said he had no problem cashing another paycheck to knock the Team Alpha Male representative out again. And now that he’s gone and done that, he’d like to let the UFC know that he’ll do it again if they decide to set up yet another immediate rematch.

”The UFC has put so much money and time into the kid, they loved him,” Dillashaw said on Brendan Schaub’s Below The Belt show (via MMA Fighting). “They were hard for that kid, they wanted to pump him up. Even the Embedded episodes coming up to this fight, I’m the world f**king champion and it’s about him! Dude, it’s f**king ridiculous. I’m just waiting for this phone call saying, ‘They want you to fight Cody again.’ Sweet! Pay me some more money, I’ll knock his ass out again.”

Dana White has made it no secret that he thinks Cody Garbrandt could be the next big breakout star for the UFC. Unfortunately for the promotion, TJ Dillashaw seems to have his number. But there may be a backdoor to getting Garbrandt back as champ, and it involves putting TJ up against his kryptonite, Dominick Cruz.

For some reason, Dillashaw seems hesitant to accept that challenge.

”You want to be sidelined for two years saying you’re ‘injured’ and then all of a sudden I’m looking for a contender and you’re like ‘Oh, I’m ready,’” Dillashaw noted. “You just want to pass the murderer’s row up. You don’t want to challenge yourself. To me it’s a pussy move. ‘Oh, I’m hurt.’ Sure, maybe you were hurt but go out there and prove yourself. Go out there and beat Marlon Moraes, and let’s do this dance.”

Cruz stated recently that he’d be ready to return in the fall and is more than happy to take out a future contender now if that’s what it takes to get his shot against TJ. But for some reason we don’t think the UFC will have the patience to delay Dillashaw / Cruz 2. The sooner that happens, the sooner they can hopefully try and jam Garbrandt back into a title shot.

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