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Nate Diaz is still complaining about his raw deal — and UFC is still ignoring him

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Nate Diaz
Nate Diaz
Esther Lin

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) booked longtime lightweight slugger, Nate Diaz, for a high-profile showdown opposite top division contender, Dustin Poirier, at the upcoming UFC 230 pay-per-view (PPV) event this November in New York.

That’s a pretty sweet spot to score when you consider that by the time he gets to the Octagon this fall, Diaz (19-11) will have been out of action for over two years and hasn’t seen the 155-pound weight class since late 2015.

Still wasn’t good enough for the top-five PPV draw.

In fact, Diaz stormed out of last week’s press conference and flat-out refused to battle “The Diamond” when learning he’s not going to compete on the same fight card as longtime rival, Conor McGregor, who is expected to break all sorts of revenue records upon his return.

Poirier doesn’t appear to be worried and believes that Diaz will show up once the contracts are signed, which brings us to this next piece of information, helpfully provided by his opponent on social media.

Con me once, shame on you. Con me eight times ...

Don’t expect any sympathy from promotion president Dana White, who already told the combat sports media that he’s not interested in talking to the disgruntled Diaz. At this point, he can either sign the contract and show up, or go back to Stockton and complain about life on Twitter.