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Westboro Baptist Church declares war on Joe Rogan as protestors plan Aug. 10 rally in Kansas City

“Repent, Mr. Rogan!”

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator Joe Rogan, who continues to perform as a stand-up comic in between his pay-per-view (PPV) broadcasting duties, will have a pretty big turnout at his next road show.

But not all of them will be carrying tickets.

Instead, they’ll be sporting signs condemning the “adamant Atheist” for his blasphemy on the Joe Rogan Podcast, which apparently didn’t sit well with the Westboro Baptist Church, about an hour’s drive from the Starlight Theater in Kansas City.

Rogan will be performing there on Aug. 10 at 7 p.m. local time.

“Kansas City! Im getting protested at my show this Friday by the Westboro Baptist Church,” Rogan wrote on Instagram. “SO EXCITING! The only thing I took objection to was that they said I’m an atheist. I have no idea if there’s a higher power, but I would have to assume if there is one he’s definitely not happy that these hateful twats are running around pretending that they speak for him/her. I honestly feel bad for them.”

It should be noted the official website for the Westboro Baptist Church is, so I think that should give you a pretty good idea of what you’re dealing with over there in Topeka.

As for Rogan, he appears unfazed by the newfound attention and will likely have some quality material for his new friends during Friday night’s show. I only hope those fans who show up to watch the comedy act don’t end up brawling with protestors.

Opening odds have the Joe Rogan Army at -1100.

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