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Midnight Mania! Mike Winkelejohn responds to ‘narcissistic’ Donald Cerrone - ‘he’s only loyal to himself’

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UFC 202: Story v Cerrone Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Donald Cerrone went on Joe Rogan’s podcast today and he had a LOT to say about his old gym, Jackson-Winklejohn.

Naturally, the target of his outburst, Mike Winklejohn, was quick to give his side of the story (via

“Loyalty is two sides. ‘Cowboy’ is not loyal to anybody in the gym. He’s on his own. He does his own thing. He has not, from what I can remember in the last 10 years, ever helped anybody out with their own camp. He’s as narcissistic as they come.”

He confirmed the rift went much deeper than just Mike Perry.

“I put up with it for a long time because Greg has the biggest heart in the world. He’s like my little brother. But, at the same time, it was causing division. And by the way, of the teams that went out there, I think it’s 100 percent of people lost, because ‘Cowboy’ wants to do what he wants to do on his timeframe, and it didn’t work for the fighters that train out there at the gym. So that made our percentage look bad, because we lost a lot of fights because of it. If Perry wasn’t at my gym, I’m so much happier now that I got rid of the division in my gym (and) somebody that doesn’t want to help others and wants to do his own thing. It has absolutely nothing to do with Perry, and everything to do with Perry.”

l Oh, lol... whoops

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Cerrone also said a Jackson-Wink wrestling coach, Chad Smith, used to peddle PEDs to college wrestlers.

“I’m going to defend Chad Smith because our winning percentage was high when he moved here,” was Mike Winklejohn’s response

In conclusion, Winklejohn said if the scenario were reversed, Cerrone would have made the same call he did.

“What would ‘Cowboy’ do if it was his gym? Well let me think. If I wanted to go into his gym use it when I wanted to, not be respectful, not help others, pull people and coaches away from the gym, and do things for myself, and then tell the new gym not to work with this person they’ve been working with because it’s all about yourself, what would ‘Cowboy’ do? I know what ‘Cowboy’ would do: The same thing I did, and that was basically, ‘Sorry kids, (expletive) that.’”


Love is special:

Not everything that came out of the Cerrone interview was negative.

From tonight:

This referee at an event choked a fighter out AFTER he got KOed. Just retire, man. That’s rough.

This cracked me up from Derrick Lewis. Not many fighters are legitimately funny. Lewis does Houston proud.

My son the best barber around

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Darren Till working on his cardio:

One more round son, just one more...

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John Wayne Parr is also legitimately funny.

Darren Till in comic book form!

Raymond Daniels practicing his double-tap spinning back kick:

McGregor is confident we have missed him.

I know you’s have missed me.

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This assaulted my eyes, so now it must assault yours, too.

We’re good, man. Thanks anyway.

Angela Hill is really good at this cosplay thing:

This cracked me up. Legendary.

Kenny Florian reposted this Key and Peele skit and it’s pretty funny even if I’m white and a white belt.

This is GOLD! #bjj #JiuJitsu Repost @adamrattabjj

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A great moment for MMA:

Actor Chris Pratt training with Urijah Hall.

Al Iaquinta decided to call Justin Gaethje out for kissing UFC ass.

Some background on the possible reasons that a boxer walked out of the ring the other weekend.

This is a new one on me!

Eryk Anders and Elias Theodorou went back and forth over a fight that didn’t come together.

Ali Abdelaziz got shredded by the UFC lawsuit fighters, and rightly so.

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Crimea Rush sounds like a great B movie:

Classic fight, the only time a prime Mark Hunt went to sleep like this.

Sugar Ray Leonard was indeed a killer:

Random Land

My dog is 10 pounds, but she does this, too. Also, no thanks to those of you who suggested shooting her in the comments, we are up to over half our goal on the GoFundMe if anyone else wants to pitch in! We were able to find a much cheaper option for surgery a couple hours away, thankfully.

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