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Midnight Mania! This artist messed up, so he drew UFC 227’s headliners with mullets

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Sometimes, things just don’t come out right, and that’s okay. Artist Adam Nelson decided to have some fun with this poster he made, but ultimately wasn’t happy with.

He decided to draw the UFC champions and contenders ... with mullets.

I’ll be honest ... Henry Cejudo looks amazing. The former Olympian should think about adopting this mustache and hair for his permanent look.

Demetrious Johnson just looks strange with a mullet. He’s such a clean-cut, professional fighter, both in his near-flawless technique and in his interviews, that a mullet just seems out of place on him.

I can see the T.J. Dillashaw mullet, but why does the KO’ed version of Cody Garbrandt wear these sunglasses?!?!?

Cody Garbrandt, who actually takes meticulous care of his hair and beard at all times, looks the most true to life of any of these fighters, which is frightening. Maybe it’s the Ohio roots- if it’s anything like rural Pennsylvania or western New York or where I grew up, there are surely more than a few Ohio natives who still rock a mullet.

Sometimes mistakes can be a good thing in the end. Cody Garbrandt and Henry Cejudo both attempt to make their own lemonade out of lemons in their rematches this weekend, each fighter professing to have learned from their mistakes against Dillashaw and Johnson, respectively. Their tasks, presumably, won’t be as easy as painting mullets on canvas. They must paint violence in the Octagon better than their opponents, or wind up in no man’s land in their divisions.


Belal Muhammad says that fighters lie about their weight cuts... could that be worrying for Henry Cejudo?

Colby Covington Goes to the White House!

The memes were happening:

It’s great that Colby got to use his belt that Dana is planning on stripping soon.

Dreams do come true @colbycovmma

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Trump supporter Ben Askren was confused:

The memes went on and on!

Kamurashops drew Nick Diaz in there, just for fun.

History in the making

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Combat sports this weekend:

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

Vinny Maghales scored this grazing headkick knockout at PFL 5 tonight!

What a remarkable beginning and ending to a fight by Chris Wade!

Highly entertaining

Remember when Demetrious Johnson effortlessly destroyed Henry Cejudo?

Old, but remarkable KO by Ricardo Ramos over Justin Rader. He knocks Rader down moving backwards on one foot.


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