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Mickey Gall explains call out of ‘f—king legend’ Diego Sanchez for UFC 230 PPV event in New York

The days of gimmicks — like this cringe-worthy one -- are long gone in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA).

But one that is alive and well is Mickey Gall’s ritual of calling out fighters immediately after his fight -- win or lose. It’s something the young up-and-comer started since making his debut at UFC 203 against CM Punk. While some have been well-received, other callouts have been flat-out shut down.

Gall continued with tradition after he took out George Sullivan last Saturday at UFC Fight Night 135 in Lincoln, Nebraska (see it), though he upped his game by challenging three fighters: Diego Sanchez, Randy Brown and Sage Northcutt.

Of course, Mickey already holds a win over Sage, and lost to Brown last year at UFC 217, so those fights are unlikely to happen again anytime soon, if ever. Still, Gall says Sanchez is the fight he really wants, and took to The Ariel Helwani MMA Show to explain why he wants to face a fighter who is not only coming of two losses, but already has a fight lined up.

“The one I want the most is, I like Diego Sanchez. The guy is a fucking legend, I’d love to fight Diego Sanchez. So that’s the one I’m hoping for,” he said. “He’s got a fight next, that could get lined up perfectly. So if he wants to do it, I would love to fight a legend like Diego Sanchez. It’s the one I want the most so it’s the one I am pushing for.”

Sanchez is lined up to face Craig White at UFC 228 on Sept. 8 in Dallas, Texas. But to hear Mickey tell the tale, UFC actually mentioned the Sanchez fight to him as a possibility prior to deciding on Sullivan.

“This is a name UFC floated to me before this fight. They said they were trying to match us up, so they floated that to me, thought it was awesome so now I have that in my mind,” he added.

In conclusion, Gall lobbied for the fight to take place at the upcoming UFC 230 pay-per-view (PPV) event, which is set to go down from inside Madison Square Garden in New York, NY on Nov 3.

Anyone feeling this potential slugfest?

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