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Respect! Bruce Buffer kicks it into reverse after getting torched by Nate Diaz

Hey, remember when Bruce Buffer said Nate Diaz should bow down before Dana White?

Turns out the “veteran voice of the Octagon” was talking about bowing when someone enters the room, like you would expect to be greeted in Japan, not bow down like the promotion president was his master.

Because that’s what respectful people do.

“With all respect Nate that is not what I meant by saying the word ‘bow,’” Buffer wrote on Twitter. “I meant it as a sign of respect as in when greeting someone, not a sign of submission as I’d never expect you to do that for anyone.”

Buffer was forced to clarify his position after getting torched on social media.

Diaz has been pissing and moaning about his stock in UFC, which according to this former employee, is as high as it’s ever been (thanks to this). Unfortunately, outrageous demands (like these) have kept the Stockton slugger from getting back to work.

Until now.

After a two-year layoff, Diaz will return to mixed martial arts (MMA) to battle red-hot lightweight contender Dustin Poirier at UFC 230, though it’s anybody’s guess if he’ll actually show up following this latest grievance.

At least he doesn’t have his brother’s problems.

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