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While Khabib trains, Conor McGregor is working on Irish whiskey

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

October 6th is coming up fast and it represents perhaps the biggest challenge in Conor McGregor’s career. That’s pretty impressive given McGregor has taken on the pound for pound best boxer in the world at his own game. But Khabib Nurmagomedov threatens to knock McGregor from his throne atop mixed martial arts in violent fashion. He’s the kind of fighter that makes his opponent’s family members worry for their health.

Considering all that, you’d think McGregor would be solely focused on winning his fight. Maybe he does have that fighting spirit locked in, but he’s also got other irons in the fire, like his upcoming Irish whiskey. McGregor gave us another update on that via his Instagram.

”Working hard at my Whiskey distillery,” he wrote. “It is in my opinion, the finest distillery we have on this great island. We have the purest soil, with the freshest Irish spring water, and our golden Irish grain and malt is so golden, sun glasses are required to look directly at them.”

”I respect Jameson, the current number 1,” McGregor continued. “But I am coming in strong. I am coming in passionate. I am coming to take over! 77 acres of un-matched Irish soil. Creating an un-matched Irish whiskey. We are producing nothing but liquid gold here. Proper liquid gold.”

”I know my granda is looking down on me now, proud of my creation. I would love for him to be here to get his feedback. He was an avid, avid whiskey man. He was also one of the main campaigners for “early house pubs” before they were made legal across the country. He loved his whiskey more than he loved his breakfast and I KNOW that he would love this! One day Granda!”

This is far from McGregor’s only lengthy screed on his upcoming Whiskey. Last week he went on a somewhat bizarre rant about Mexican horsehair boxing gloves, which then morphed into talking about the ‘Mexican associates’ helping him with his whiskey. In another post he showed considerably less respect to Jack Daniels, calling their charred barrel process ‘a crime.’

Of course, it’s not all whiskey. There’s plenty of proof Conor is training hard for Khabib, and MMA fighters have a lot of required down time to recover. Some fighters play video games. McGregor visits his whiskey distillery, and lets those Mexican associates take care of the details.

Who knows, maybe Conor is going to knock out Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 and sip his new whiskey at the press conference with a smug smile on his face. But if it goes any other way than that, there are going to be a lot of people arguing he took his eye off the ball just when it mattered the most.

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