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Alexander Gustafsson is ready for the return of Jon Jones

After a long string of injuries, Gustafsson his his eyes set on a fall return, and the return of ‘The Beast.’

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Gustafsson vs Teixeira Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

Fans of Alexander Gustafsson took another kick to the junk last month when they learned the Swedish light heavyweight was injured once again and wouldn’t be fighting at UFC 224 as expected. On the plus side, all signs pointed to the injury being a minor one, so at least “The Mauler” would be back soon.

Current rumors had Gustafsson returning in the fall, and the man himself confirmed that timeline in an interview with MMA Viking.

”We go back and forth [with the UFC, we’re talking to them all the time,” Gustafsson said. “I wanna fight, so hopefully I’ll fight 6th of October. Maybe I’ll fight in November. I don’t know, I have no clue right now. But we’re looking for an opponent ... We all know ‘The Beast’ is coming back. Whenever. I’m ready.”

’The Beast’ is undoubtedly Jon Jones, who’s return from USADA suspension continues to be the source of a ton of unsubstantiated rumors. Jones tested positive for the anabolic steroid Turinabol shortly before his July 29th fight with Daniel Cormier at UFC 214, making a fall fight with Alex unlikely if his (as of now undetermined) punishment is bigger than 12 months.

As for Gustafsson’s health?

”Good, I’ve been having some issues with my back thigh and small stuff,” Alexander said. “I’m staying busy, I can train ... I’m here every day. And I feel good. I feel fine now. Like I said in other interviews, it was a s**t injury, it’s not even worth mentionining it, but it’s going good now and I feel good and I’m looking forward to the next fight.

And Gustafsson made it clear that he’s not picky, he just wants to fight.

”I’ll fight anyone,” he said. “October 6th is a good card, Conor and Khabib. I would love to fight on that card. But I’m open minded, I’m flexible, and I’m just waiting to see.”

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