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Bare Knuckle FC 2 live results stream, play-by-play updates for ‘Rawlings vs. Hart’ in Biloxi

Esther Lin

Bare Knuckle FC 2 “Rawlings vs Hart” takes place TONIGHT (Sat., Aug. 25, 2018) at Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi. Expect blood and cuts galore as former UFC women’s flyweight/strawweight contender Bec Rawlings (7-8 MMA record) takes on Britain Hart (2-3 boxing record) in the main event for the inaugural Bare Knuckle FC diamond belt. In addition to the women’s main event, former UFC veteran Chris Lytle will come out of retirement to take on MMA journeyman Drew Lipton, “Krazy Horse” Charles Bennett will lock horns with 24-year-old lightweight prospect Michael McDonald, and UFC veteran Kendall Grove will make his bare knuckle debut against Bruce Abramski.

BKFC 2’s main card will start at 8 p.m. ET on pay-per-view (click here to find out how to watch). Mania will deliver results and play-by-play for the entirety of the BKFC 2 card, starting at 8 p.m. ET.

Many readers check in before, during, and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it’s always a lot of fun!


Bec Rawlings vs. Britain Hart - Rawlings def. Hart by SD (50-45, 49-45, 47-48)
Drew Lipton vs. Chris Lytle - Lytle def. Lipton by KO (1:18 Rd 1)
Sam Shewmaker vs. Maurice Jackson - Shewmaker def. Jackson by SD (48-45, 49-45, 46-48)
Arnold Adams vs. Joey Beltran - Adams def. Beltran by TKO (doctor’s stoppage, :09 Rd 4)
Kendall Grove vs. Bruce Abramski - Grove def. Abramski by UD (cards not read)
Michael McDonald vs. Charles Bennett - McDonald def. Bennett by TKO (1:49 Rd 4)
Jamie Campbell vs. Dale Sopi - Campbell def. Sopi by UD (cards not read)
Reggie Barnatt vs. James Clayton Burns - Barnatt def. Burns by UD (cards not read)
Tony Lopez vs. Jimmy Jennett - Untelevised bout
Robert Morrow vs. Michael Bissett - Untelevised bout
Diego Garijo vs. Tom Shoaff - Untelevised bout
Harris Stephenson vs. Jorge Gonzalez - Untelevised bout
Christine Ferea vs. Maria Andraverde - Untelevised bout
Marcel Stamps vs. Brandon Martin - Untelevised bout


Bec Rawlings vs. Britain Hart

Round 1: Again, internet difficulties cost this round. Who knew that the deep south might not have the best internet feed? Sorry, folks.

Round 2: Hart working on a half clinch and both women landing before it went to a double-tie and the ref breaks it. Right from Rawlings. Hart gets in a big left. Hart circling and utilizing good footwork. Left hand lands from Hart. Another as the bell rings.

Round 3: Bec with a jab that gets the blood flowing from the lip or nose. 1-2 by Rawlings. Hart fires back into a clinch and is landing volume. Headlock position and we break. Counter left by Rawlings. Clinch and body shots from both women.

Round 4: Big punches as Hart comes forward and Hart is down! Oh, the ref ruled that a slip, but that looked like a clean right to me. Another good left. Both women land clean. Rawlings misses a big overhand as Hart circles out to her left. Hart with a 3-2. Right hand by Rawlings, Hart answers back with a two-piece. Good round.

Round 5: Hart hooks in a right. 1-2. Neither fighter landing clean for a bit here. Rights from both. Left from Hart and a right from Rawlings to end this main event.

Final result: Bec Rawlings defeats Britain Hart by split decision, 50-45, 49-45, 47-48

Drew Lipton vs. Chris Lytle

Round 1: Lipton in black and red, Lytle in black and white. Lytle with some hooks early. Lipton is hurt and cut badly due to an overhand. He gets up after maybe a three count. We’re only seconds in, and Lipton seems to have all his faculties as the cutman attends to the wound. Lytle with feints. They close and suddenly a hockey brawl breaks out in a clinch! Lytle with an overhand on the break that floors Lipton again! Lipton plows forward. They clinch and power each other. Lytle lands a short right that puts Lipton on his back for a third time. Lipton just lays there and says he’s done as the ref hits five. That’s it!

Final result: Chris Lytle defeats Drew Lipton by knockout at 1:18 of Round 1

Sam Shewmaker vs. Maurice Jackson

Round 1: Jackson in red, Shewmaker in the American flag trunks. Jackson with a half foot of height here. Shewmaker with a big punch and clinch as he was off balance from the swing. Shewmaker darting in quickly to try and cover the distance. Left from Jackson. “Shew” comes in throwing heat, but misses. Close round without a huge amount of solid action.

Round 2: Left to the body by Shewmaker. Jackson walks Shewmaker into a perfectly placed right hook above the ear that puts him on his butt. Jackson with the early advantage here. Antonio Tarver is calling this poor form from both men, and while some of it might be that, I think this is actually good strategy from Shewmaker - he’s throwing his whole body forward like he’s a running back, but it isn’t letting Jackson counter him. Punch and clinch.

Round 3: Exact same thing to start. And again, but Shewmaker threw a punch as the ref called for a break that pissed off Jackson. He threw his mouthpiece and is cursing at both the ref and Shewmaker. They start again and now Jackson nearly throws Shewmaker across the ring and also throws a late punch that pisses off Shewmaker. The ref takes a point from Jackson, which negates the earlier knockdown. Right by Shew, jab by Jackson.

Round 4: Punch and clinch again. There’s a right from Jackson. Infighting from both men. Now it’s Jackson coming forward, but he’s clinching when he gets there, too.

Round 5: Jackson nearly got a huge hook off a break. Shewmaker complained about it, but the ref had no problems with it. Another right off a break by Jackson. Jackson caught off balance and Shewmaker charges forward trying to plant the taller man. Jackson ducking down low now and getting stuck in headlock decisions. Shewmaker slips running in. Another duck. Shewmaker trying to get in and punch. Jackson looks like he’s trying to survive.

Final result: Sam Shewmaker defeats Maurice Jackson via split decision, 48-45, 49-45, 46-48

Arnold Adams vs. Joey Beltran

Round 1: Adams in black trunks with purple and gold trim, Beltran in black with white trim. Beltran starting aggressive, Adams using his feet to keep him out of danger. Beltran gets in a right. Adams with one over the top and Beltran fires back with a straight right. Another right from the “Mexicutioner”. Left by Adams. Ole movement as Beltran flies past Adams. Overhand right by Adams and they clinch one hand. Lot of body shots from both men, but Adams with the majority of traffic. Beltran has a big cut on his left eyebrow, probably from that overhand right. The ref pauses the fight so that Stitch Duran can attend to the bleeding. We’re back in. Body right by Adams. Jab as well.

Round 2: 1-2 from Beltran falls short. Adams looking confident. Left hand by Beltran and that’ll bring Adams back to earth a little. One minute left. Unfortunately, it seems like the feed went down for about 5 or 6 minutes, because by the time anything moved for me, the announcer was awarding Adams the decision. Sorry about missing this folks, that’s the rub with a young promotion like this - sometimes you get awkward internet streams.

Final result: Arnold Adams defeats Joey Beltran via TKO (doctor’s stoppage) at :09 of Round 4

Kendall Grove vs. Bruce Abramski

Round 1: Grove in white, Abramski in blue and red. Grove advancing and using his length to jab and keep Abramski on the back foot. Grove walks Abramski directly into a jab. Abramski tries to taunt Grove with a big “WHOO!”, but that seemed ineffective. Jab from Abramski lands. 3-2 from Grove as the round ends.

Round 2: Grove with a body jab, using his length well. Jabs hit for both men, hooks miss for both. Jab by the Hawaiian (Grove). Abramski’s footwork is just not there as he can’t swing properly. Grove with a big flurry and gets in some as he manages to get Abramski to the ropes. Looking solid for Grove as the round ends.

Round 3: Abramski finally gets inside the reach and throws a few good shots, but his head was pointed to the ground, so Grove just put him in a headlock to get the ref to break it. Grove’s left has been the moneymaker for him all night. Jabs and now a hook off the jab. Body right, left to the head. Abramski is looking a bit tired. Right hand from Grove. Abramski’s back foot is just planted and he’s falling short because of it nearly every punch.

Round 4: Abramski gets in some rights to the body. That’s a second one. And a third. Finally, he’s found something that’s working. Grove flurrying and gets in three quick shots. Uppercut by Grove. Body hook by Abramski as they clinch. Grove with a left that wobbles him. Grove nearly slips, I don’t think he was wobbled in return.

Round 5: Grove with a double jab. Abramski finally steps in correctly and lands a right, but eats a huge counter that plants him on his butt. Kendall tripling up on the jab. Counter left by Abramski just touches the jawline. Nice left hand by Grove. Abramski trying to get Grove to brawl with him. Finally a half clinch and they’re smashing each other with body rights.

Final result: Kendall Grove defeats Bruce Abramski via unanimous decision (cards not read)

Michael McDonald vs. Charles Bennett

Round 1: Slow start from both men. McDonald with a couple jabs. Bennett with a left upstairs and a right to the body. Jab from McDonald hits and a hook catches the shoulder of “Krazy Horse”. Nice left from Bennett, but misses a huge right. 4-piece combo from McDonald and Bennett staggers just a hair as he covers up. Nice round.

Round 2: Nice combo from Bennett and he landed a nice left out of that. Bennett covering up and moving well. Left from McDonald and that gets some blood near the eye. Left to the body from Bennett. McDonald walking down Bennett who shows off some slick movement. Bennett whiffs with a big swing. Bennett tried to circle to his left, but McDonald caught him at an awkward angle and unloaded a flurry. The body ones landed well, but the head ones were just clipping.

Round 3: McDonald with a... I couldn’t tell what it was, but Bennett backed off and took a knee and the ref started counting Bennett. McDonald on the offensive now and he’s swinging hard. Bennett’s right hand is possibly hurting him, as he’s not throwing it at all. Got in a couple lefts low. His elbows are low, possibly to prevent a body shot on a busted rib? McDonald with a big combo as the round ends.

Round 4: Turns out Bennett landed a flush right on the jaw but hurt his own hand or wrist, and that was what caused him to grimace in pain and take that knee earlier. Bennett fighting nearly one handed. Right from McDonald. They’re throwing, but McDonald is clearly landing better. I think Bennett hurt his left hand now. Oh, crap, Bennett with a big left and he is writhing in pain. He drops and while he made the 10-count, the ref is looking closely and waives the fight off.

Final result: Michael McDonald defeats Charles Bennett by TKO at 1:49 of Round 4

Jamie Campbell vs. Dale Sopi

Round 1: Campbell in purple, Sopi in black. Big boys here at 217 and 284 pounds respectively. Sopi ducking down and jabbing then coming over the top with a right. Campbell backs up Sopi and is throwing. Sopi avoiding well, gets clipped here and there, mostly with rights. Sopi’s mouthpiece is out and the ref pauses it to get that back in. Campbell backs up Sopi again and continues to unload. Big left. Sopi wings an overhand to back Campbell up. Campbell seems to respect that as he’s not just powering forward. Powerful left hand from Sopi in a slobberknocker of a round.

Round 2: Campbell looked down at his left hand as the first ended and shook it out a bit, indicating it might be broken. Campbell is content to play some D and maybe catch some more wind. He’s letting Sopi’s punches fall short. Now he backs Sopi up and Sopi hits a nice level change to get the ref to break it off. Campbell circles Sopi to the ropes and he’s unloading now. Punches in bunches and Campbell is smashing Sopi up against the ropes. He’s bloodying Sopi up and because Sopi’s on the ropes, his return shots aren’t anywhere near as powerful.

Round 3: Sopi with a jab to open up. Complains about an eye poke, but no stoppage from the ref, but also no offense from Campbell for a second. Big couple of punches hit Campbell well. Then he hits a nice punch that staggers Sopi back to the ropes. Sopi’s mouthguard falls out for the third time now and still no point taken away. Great combination from Campbell gets Sopi to the ropes again. Clinch and ref break again. Again, Campbell with some solid blows to end the round.

Round 4: Leaping hook for Sopi. Lead left as well. Body shots from both men. Right hand by Sopi. Campbell looks a bit tired. Clinch and release as Campbell hits some body blows. There’s a right from Campbell. Thirty seconds to go. Left by Sopi jabs Campbell right by the eye. Sopi finally picks up a round here, I think.

Round 5: Stepping left hand from Sopi, who’s got a huge mouse on the eye. Sopi is... slapping Campbell instead of punching. Lot less action here as the big boys are just exhausted. Slow, clubbing overhands from both men.

Final result: Jamie Campbell defeats Dale Sopi via unanimous decision (cards not read)

Reggie Barnatt vs. James Clayton Burns

Round 1: My stream comes in after some technical difficulties at this fight at the last second of round 1, so I got nothing. Sorry, folks. Internet FTL.

Round 2: Reggie is the black guy in black trunks, Burns the white guy in gold. Lots of punch and clutch from both men. Solid movement from both men as each swings hooks and crosses. There’s a jab from Barnatt. Body blow from him as well.

Round 3: Both men meet each other with jabs. Overhand from Burns. Barnatt pushing forward, stings him with the 1, but misses the two. Burns with a couple lefts and there’s a right, too. Right from Barnatt. They trade and stumble to the mat as the bell rings.

Round 4: Lead left has worked well for Burns so far. Burns trying to get Barnatt to open up by walking towards him with his hands at his waist. Barnatt doesn’t throw and the mild Diaz’ing ceases. Body shot for Barnatt. Burns misses a big left. Glances a right. They each throw a 2-piece, and all of the shots hit, but only glancing blows.

Round 5: Burns aggressive here and gets in a left. There’s a right as well. Both men with flush right hands. Burns slips as Barnatt sidesteps and circles away. Jab clips the cheek of Burns. Counter-left by Barnatt. Final seconds and they step into a phone booth and start swinging at the end. Good, close fight, but probably Barnatt’s.

Final result: Reggie Barnatt defeats James Clayton Burns via unanimous decision (cards not read)

Christine Ferea vs. Maria Andraverde

Final result: Untelevised bout

Marcel Stamps vs. Brandon Martin

Final result: Untelevised bout

Harris Stephenson vs. Jorge Gonzalez

Final result: Untelevised bout

Tony Lopez vs. Jimmy Jennett

Final result: Untelevised bout

Robert Morrow vs. Michael Bissett

Final result: Untelevised bout

Diego Garijo vs. Tom Shoaff

Final result: Untelevised bout

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