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Mike Perry says Cowboy Cerrone doesn't train much at Jackson-Wink since no one kisses his ass anymore

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Though they haven't exactly spent a lot of time rolling together or sparring at Jackson-Winkeljohn MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Mike Perry and Donald Cerrone — who will throw down at UFC Fight Night 139 on Nov. 10 from inside Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado — are technically “teammates.”

Sort of.

So when the two get to exchanging blows in the “The Mile High City,” it will see trainers Mike Winkeljohn and Greg Jackson going up against one another, according to “Platinum.”

“Greg Jackson’s gonna be in his corner. I’ll have [Mike] Winkeljohn and coach Frank and I believe my coach from Florida, Julian Williams. And…he (Cerrone) doesn’t come in this gym,” Perry told

According to Perry, “Cowboy” has been a ghost at the famed camp, and he fully expects the longtime veteran to use his presence there as an excuse to not visit the gym as much, perhaps in an attempt to draw up some sort of beef ahead of their Welterweight showdown.

“He did last time I was here…like twice the whole two months I was here, twice. And ya know, he stays at his ranch and works out there. But now, I guess he’s going on [the] Joe Rogan [Experience podcast] tomorrow and he might say some things about the gym and Winkeljohn…try to talk some trash,” he added.

Of course, talking trash has never really been Cerrone’s style, and since he does have his own setup at his BMF Ranch, staying home to train is at time a bit more convenient. Still, “Cowboy” has been with Jackson-Wink for the majority of his career and is one of the original members of the gym, long before fighters from all over the world started to migrate to set up shop in the 505.

But if he hasn’t been around much as of late, it’s not because of Perry, but rather because he doesn’t have people “kissing his ass” as much as he was accustomed to, according to “Platinum.”

“I think he’s movin’ back to Denver. And like, none of this going on is the reason why. Like, he was just looking for a reason to act like it was something to push him to move over there. I don’t know him that well, but that’s the way it sounds to me,” he added. “If he’s goin’ to Denver now, cause he’s wanted to for some time…and he’s goin’ ahead and making that move because he ain’t got a bunch of people kissing his ass over here no more.”

To hear Mike tell it, Cerrone even tried to prevent coaches at the gym from allowing Perry to train there.

“I haven’t seen it first hand (the tension brewing). But I heard that he physically came here and asked them not to train me. For them not to allow me to come into the gym and to show him some respect even though…he hasn’t done anything for this gym in quite some time.”

Nevertheless, Donald’s alleged requests went unheard, as Perry eventually made his way to New Mexico prior to his showdown against Paul Felder at UFC 226 last July, which he won via split decision.

And since Mike has no plans to leave the gym anytime soon, we can expect an interesting night in Denver if indeed the coaching staff at Jackson-Wink split up to face one another for the night.

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