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James Vick: I would beat the brakes off Conor McGregor

Lightweight fighter Vick is already looking up and beyond his UFC Lincoln main event opponent Justin Gaethje.

No one can accuse James Vick of lacking confidence coming into his main event fight with Justin Gaethje at UFC Lincoln this Saturday August 25th. He’s talked a lot of trash at Gaethje, while Gaethje has been stuck trying to exorcise his past losses with the media rather than concentrating on Vick.

It’s to the point where Vick is happy to take some time casting an even wider net, declaring himself the man to take out Conor McGregor (should Khabib Nurmagomedov fail on October 6th).

”In my mind, I’m six inches taller than the guy, I’ve got a five inch reach advantage. I’d beat the brakes off Conor McGregor, in my mind,” Vick told Fanatics View. “I’d love to take the fight, I’d love to fight him not just for the money, but to beat a guy with a name like that, you’d go down in history as well. And I really think that I can win that fight pretty easily, I really do. With my range and movements, I win that fight pretty easy.”

But don’t think Vick is one of McGregor’s many detractors. He really likes McGregor. He just likes himself more.

”A lot of people hate on Conor McGregor, I think he’s phenomenal for the sport,” Vick said. “He’s brought attention and media coverage to our sport that we wouldn’t get from other avenues. He has different companies that wouldn’t be interested in MMA all of a sudden very interested in MMA and the UFC. So I love the fact that he’s in the UFC and love the fact that he’s in my weight class. and I would love to fight him, it would change my life. He’s a great fighter, he’s very good for the sport.”

A fighter’s number one job is to believe in themselves, so you can’t fault Vick too much for imagining himself standing over the knocked out body of Conor McGregor. And hey, if he manages to dispatch Justin Gaethje in convincing fashion in Nebraska, he might have some people starting to believe in him too.

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