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Cody Garbrandt reflects on near-suicide attempt as a teen

The former UFC bantamweight champion shares the story of almost killing himself for the first time.


Cody Garbrandt has made it no secret that he grew up under some pretty rough conditions, with family members in and out of jail and a lot of physical abuse to go around. One of those fights almost ended up with Cody cutting off his brother Zach’s finger.

But in this latest video interview with Christian YouTube channel I Am Second, Garbrandt delves into how that seemingly dysfunctional relationship with his brother was also what shaped him into a fighter and would end up saving him from suicide.

”My brother was always bigger, faster, stronger, meaner than me growing up, so I think that’s why I was always quick to fight,” Grabrandt explained. “I had something to prove. Me and Zach, we fought so many times in our lives. I mean, some pretty violent fights ... But he’s been my best friend, my sole competitor. I’m so thankful for all the thumpings and the fights that we got into that made me into the man I am today. And not only just for the fights. He was there for me.”

”There’s a part of the story where Zach came and intervened in my life, where I wanted to give up. I was a teenager, I think I was a senior in high school. I wanted to become a state champion again. I won state as a freshman, I got beat as a sophomore, I was injured as a junior. Wrestling was something I did my whole entire life, and I think losing the passion for that, I didn’t have any drive. I just felt unaccomplished, and I got in with the wrong crowd, started doing some drugs and partying and kind of living super carelessly, and it almost consumed my life.”

”I felt like my road was running to an end,” Cody continued. “For a while, I wasn’t who I was. I was in a very dark place. Very, very, dark place. And I almost hung myself. And my brother came in the door, and he saved my life. It’s the first time I’m talking about it, but I’ve never been more grateful for him. He just came in and busted down the door and gave me the biggest hug and sat there with me and cried with me and said everything was going to be all right. That was the day that, you know, really was a changing point for me and my life, as well.”

“That moment, that bond, and that thing that we went through really brought us even closer. Attending church services together, and it was nice to be there with my big brother and worship God and learning and growing towards him. So that was the start of a growing relationship with the Lord.”

I Am Second ‘tells stories of life transformation that happen by putting God first and living second,’ so if you want to hear more about that make sure to watch the whole video. And if you’re feeling lost and suicidal or know someone who is, please reach out.

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