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UFC vet Dean Lister shares video of ‘meth head break in’ that almost ended in shooting

It goes without saying, but you should NOT do meth. And you shouldn’t steal. You also shouldn’t do meth and try to steal from a MMA fighter, which is what some nameless creep did to former PRIDE and UFC contender Dean Lister.

Lister put up pretty scary footage of his encounter. At first the burglar seems to claim he just came out of a trance and doesn’t know what he’s doing. Then he turns violent when he realizes Lister is filming him.

We’ll let Dean tell the rest:

“At 8PM pacific time, here in San Diego I walked in on a meth head ripping me off. At the end of the video, he raises a pipe at me, off camera I drew a sidearm and he stopped advancing toward me. I LET him escape with his life through a window. Cops said I was legally good if I killed him. But is that what I want? In the end, he stole plenty of $$$$$ from me. This video is for “hopefully” anyone who knows who this meth head is. White dude, skinny, methe’d out with his tattoos. Police are on it but if anyone knows who he is please help me,,, thank you very much”

Nice of Lister not to shoot this guy dead the moment he raises a hammer at him. But now that violent maniac is still out there in San Diego, California. He’s got a pretty ... distinct look to him, though, so let’s hope the police catch him soon.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this article suggested you should do meth. We meant to say you SHOULD NOT do meth. We apologize to anyone who did meth between now and this correction.

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