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Pic: Colby Covington keeps promise, presents UFC belt to Donald Trump inside the White House

Love him or hate him, Colby Covington finds a way to live up to his promises. After predicting he’d win the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) interim Welterweight belt, he vowed to visit the White House in Washington D.C. and hand the belt to President Donald Trump.

And he did just that, as “Chaos” posted a picture of himself and the President getting all chummy inside the Oval Office which read:

Like @POTUS@realDonaldTrump always says: Promises made. Promises kept. Pleasure to finally meet you Mr. President. Thank you for always putting America first! #maga#GreatAmericanWinningMachine

Prior to that, UFC president Dana White posted a picture of himself with Trump, so it’s safe to assume Dana kept his word after saying he could easily help Colby meet the the 45th President of the United States.

The timing of his visit couldn’t be better, as Colby will be stripped of his interim Welterweight champion tag once the opening round of Tyron Woodley’s title fight against Darren Till start at UFC 228 on Sept. 8, 2018 in Dallas, Texas.

Until then, there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of the perks of champion while you can.

Colby was unable to take part in his much-desired bout against Woodley due to nasal surgery, paving the way for Till to get his first-ever shot at a world title after just six wins inside the Octagon.

Once “Chaos” is done touring around and visiting all his heroes, perhaps a fight against this man will be in order.

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