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Pic: Dana White is posing with Donald Trump, please feign outrage and argue accordingly

Dana White is president of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Donald Trump is President of The United States of America. Both are stupidly rich and both stepped on a few people to get to where they’re at.

Trust me when I tell you, they don’t care about your silly opinion, just like you don’t care about mine.

But since I have a word count to hit, I’ll keep talking, but you should really just skip over this fluff and start arguing in the comments section below, because this is ‘Murica and that’s what we do best.

White has been chummy with Trump every since the old days when they worked together to stage UFC events in Atlantic City, NJ.

Trump — with the help of his casinos — was one of the first big names to back White and Co. and rolled out the red carpet when they were trying to make UFC the powerhouse brand it is today.

White never forgot that show of loyalty and has continued to repay it, most famously here.

Hey wait a second ... where’s Colby Covington?!?

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