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Highlights! Ronda Rousey wins the RAW Women’s Championship at Summerslam

Rousey becomes just the third person in history to hold both a WWE and UFC title.

Much like her early matches in mixed martial arts (MMA), Ronda Rousey just tore through her opposition quick to take a championship belt. This time it was the WWE’s RAW Women’s Championship title, which she took off Alexa Bliss in a five minute squash match that ended with (what else?) an armbar.

We’d show you more but there’s not much else ... the whole affair was a bit anti-climactic. Bliss offered no real offense and took three or four bumps before Rousey performed a decently convincing mangling of her arm, forcing a tap. The ending had shades of Rousey’s first fight against Miesha Tate, where Ronda snapped Miesha’s arm backward. We’ll have to get back to you on the time, but I think the celebration actually lasted longer than the match itself.

With the victory, Rousey joins Ken Shamrock and Brock Lesnar as the only athletes (and the first woman) to win titles in both WWE and UFC.

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