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Midnight Mania! Scott Coker on the moment he realized Rory MacDonald was ‘nuts’

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Rory MacDonald Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Scott Coker knew Rory Macdonald’s reputation when he brought the current Bellator welterweight champion over from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), but when “Red King” fully lived up to the eager disregard for pain he had shown in his UFC career, Coker was still a little shook. He spoke to MacDonald after the Canadian had won the belt in a fight with Douglas Lima that Macdonald himself described as the toughest bout of his career (via

“Two weeks later, he calls me and he’s like, ‘I’m ready to schedule a fight,’” Coker said. “I said, ‘Rory, no, no. You need to put on the brakes here for a second. Let’s just rest.’ He said, ‘No, no, I’m ready. I’m just about ready to walk. I still have a limp, but I think I can start training in another week.’ I’m like, ‘This guy is nuts.’”

“He just wants to fight, he wants to stay busy,” Coker said of MacDonald. “He wants to get out there and compete. So, I think it’s my job to slow him down. He’s chomping at the bit. And he wanted this fight with Gegard and Gegard wanted to fight him. And they wanted to test themselves.”

While Rory didn’t get back into action as quickly as he would have liked, he did get the superfight he was angling for, at a stacked Bellator 206 on September 29 against middleweight champion Gegard Mousasi. After that, no matter the result, he plans on competing in the Bellator welterweight Grand Prix, with Coker targeting a February date against Jon Fitch. His welterweight belt will be on the line in each of his fights throughout the tourney, other competitors including Douglas Lima, Andrey Koreshkov, Paul Daley, Michael Page, Ed Ruth, and Neiman Gracie.

“I have never met a fighter like Rory,” Coker said.


Dana White credits Trump with helping the UFC when it wasn’t a popular sport

Jon Jones is firmly back on his inspirational shtick.

Jessica Eye and Sijara Eubanks went back and forth and Eye referred to Sijara as her “little cum dumpster”; all in all a normal day on MMA Twitter.

Tony Ferguson could do worse than fight Al Iaquinta but he evidently doesn’t want that fight.

Nick Diaz appears to be itching for a fight. Either that, or he got stuck in traffic.

Nate Diaz liked this artwork

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Some drama on Twitter happened yesterday when boxer Amanda Serrano, who is transitioning to MMA, claimed she rolled for six hours a day and UFC lightweight Jared Gordon said that was an impossible training schedule.

UFC fighters sided with Jared Gordon against Amanda when she brought up his past addiction.

Once again, combat sports this weekend:

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

Goodnight at PFL 6.

Don’t mess with anyone who has ‘Magomed’ in their name.

Kayla Harrison got her second MMA win

Slick choke

Rick Story with the win

Random Land

RIP Aretha Franklin

Not a month goes by when I don’t get a little sad that I will never see Quetzalcoatlus Northropi fly.


I had somehow never heard this American accent before. It’s very odd.

“...Nothing beside remains. Round the decay

Of that colossal Wreck, boundless and bare

The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

⌜ untitled ⌟ _ nov 20, 2017 @ deserto do namibe

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