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Video: Cris Cyborg crashes NFL training camp, rag-dolls football player

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Move over Tami Maida, there’s a new quarterback princess in town!

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women’s featherweight champion, Cristiane Justino, has lots of free time on her hands since the promotion doesn’t appear to be in any big hurry to find her a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight.

And because the Brazilian is loyal to Los Angeles and its inhabitants (example), I suppose it was only a matter of time before “Cyborg” wound up at the Los Angeles Chargers training camp, where she got to participate in some football drills.

When she wasn’t busy rag-dolling former NFL wide receiver and current Chargers coach Phil McGeoghan.

Justino (20-1, 1 NC) has been stuck in a holding pattern after UFC declared her next opponent would be Amanda Nunes. That said, “Lioness” won’t be ready to fight until the end of the year and “Cyborg” wants to compete as soon as possible.

Unfortunately there aren’t enough featherweights in UFC to expedite her request and probably won’t be until this ends.