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Report: Andrea Lee allegedly assaulted by husband/trainer Donny Aaron, arrest warrant to be issued

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women’s Flyweight, Andrea Lee, was allegedly the victim of a recent domestic assault at the hands of her husband and coach, Donny Aaron, according to My MMA News (MMN). Aaron, as you might remember, was the subject of recent controversy for possessing multiple Neo-Nazi tattoos on his body and an unwillingness to remove them. During the course of that issue this past spring, it also came to light that the reason he was in prison in the first place was a conviction for the negligent homicide of an unarmed black man.

This latest alleged incident reported by MMN — which reportedly includes offenses of false imprisonment and domestic abuse/battery — is now the second reported domestic assault incident involving Aaron, who was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after an incident involving his ex-girlfriend after the negligent homicide and before he was sentenced.

There’s a ton to unpack from the report posted by MMN, and of particular interest is a statement from women’s mixed martial arts (MMA) Atomweight fighter Andy “CrAsian” Nguyen:

“I opened my door and she (Andrea) runs into her daughter’s room. Donny is trying to burn a cigarette on her arm and her body. She’s yelling to stop trying to burn her. Donny’s dad is the only one helping me. His dad is like 70 or 80 years old. There’s another guy named Kendrick there who is this big strong guy, who wouldn’t get out of his room to help me. He put on his headphones and was like ‘this happens all the time.’”

Kendrick is perhaps Kendrik Williams — a men’s Featherweight competitor who has been in several photos with Aaron and Lee, and was described during the previous controversy as “Donny’s best friend” (Williams and Aaron also were once arrested for possessing weed and Xanax).

Nguyen’s statement regarding the alleged assault goes further downhill shortly after that:

I turn on my lights and open door so Donny knows I’m awake. Usually he does crazy stuff behind closed doors. I went to the kitchen. I hear them bickering. Then it got quiet. I thought maybe they were done. Then all of a sudden I heard a grunt and the dog was in the kennel and started barking. I can hear her saying ‘stop, stop.’. Ok forward I opened up the door and was like ‘Donny, leave her alone.’ ... Andrea was buttoning up her shorts and she was barefoot and ran out the back door. I was not there at the house when the cops came but Donny saw the cop cars coming and he ran out the house with his dad and he has been gone ever since.

As of this writing, Aaron has not yet been charged and/or arrested. However, MMA Fighting reports that an arrest warrant is “forthcoming.” To read the entire police report and Nguyen’s statement head over to MyMMANews. reached out to Ms. Nguyen for a statement and clarification. Meanwhile, she posted the following update:

Already lost Maryellen Cano to #DomesticViolence I wasnt gonna lose another friend. 8:31 AM - Aug 15, 2018 · South Carolina, USA

This refers to the death of Cano, who was murdered by her boyfriend in a murder-suicide seven years ago.

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