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Dana White: UFC making ‘badass’ documentary featuring Donald Trump

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Donald Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally In Tampa Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will mark 25 years in mixed martial arts (MMA) with a special “UFC 25 Years in Short” documentary, which as the name suggests, will be compromised of 25 separate (short) stories neatly packaged in one “Silver” presentation.

Among those entries will be the story of how Donald Trump, who before taking command at the Oval Office was known as the king of Atlantic City casinos, helped promotion president Dana White get his band of merry men into “The Garden State.”

“It’s the 25th anniversary of the UFC and we’re doing 25 documentaries with 25 badass directors for the 25th anniversary and one of them is the story of how President Trump let us come to the Taj (Mahal) for the first fight and he and I went to the residence after that, and he and I both shot for the documentary,” White told UFC Unfiltered (via MMA Weekly).

A lot has changed between then and now and UFC is the worldwide leader in combat sports, while Trump went on to get elected to President of the United States, a position that White stumped for back in summer 2016.

While they no longer work together, White and Trump have remained friends throughout the years and that bond recently helped get UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington into the White House (pic).