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Oh dear lord, the Conor McGregor vs. Paulie Malignaggi feud just flared up again

McGregor took another jab at Malignaggi and of course Malignaggi couldn’t help but firing several responses back.

According to the Twitter account MMA History Today, August 11th marked one year from the date Dana White released footage of Conor McGregor knocking former two division boxing champ Paulie Malignaggi on his butt during a sparring session. I know this because McGregor just retweeted that fact, along with the caption “Time flies when you are on your ass.”

Malignaggi had left McGregor’s training camp for the Floyd Mayweather fight after previous images of McGregor seemingly beating up on him were released. From there things devolved into a largely one sided trash talking affair from Paulie, who insisted McGregor’s team was puffing up his sparring performances.

Now McGregor’s latest tweet has brought Malignaggi back to the social media platform where he railed against the UFC superstar.

McGregor pulling out? Come on, Paulie, the least you can do is get your smacktalk straight here. We all know who the real pull out merchant is with this bout.

Let’s hope this is just a one off back and forth, not the beginning of Malignaggi being involved in half the headlines leading up to McGregor’s next fight.

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