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Reebok can’t sell ‘McGregor’ clothing in Europe

A Dutch court has ruled Reebok may not sell clothing prominently featuring Conor McGregor’s last name.

Reebok can’t seem to catch a break with their UFC deal.

As if being hated by the fans (and fighters) for ending the era of fighters making big bucks off outside sponsorship wasn’t bad enough, the clothing company can’t even sell McGregor clothing in Europe any more.

That’s not all McGregor clothing ... but anything with ‘McGregor’ in big text, which is obviously a big segment of the stuff Reebok was hoping to sell. That’s the determination of The District Court in The Hague after Dutch clothing label McGregor filed a trademark claim saying products with Conor’s last name would cause confusion with their brand.

”The public would be confused into believing that the clothing made by Reebok for the Irish mixed martial artist and boxer comes from the McGregor fashion house,” McGregor label lawyer Remco van Leeuwen said (via The Independant). “We asked Reebok to stop selling the clothing that would confused the public but they refused.”

Reebok faces fines of €250,000 if they don’t follow the court’s decision, which applies across the European Union.

While Conor McGregor is on the upswing, McGregor the clothing brand is not. They once had over 150 stores across Europe but don’t even have a working website these days. According to the placeholder at, they plan on relaunching a new line of stuffy button ups and puffy jackets ‘soon.’

As for Reebok, they’ll be stuck having a hard time selling Conor McGregor merchandise in his biggest market leading up to what many expect will be the biggest fight of his career against Khabib Nurmagomedov on October 6th at UFC 229. Womp.

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