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Curtis Blaydes is ‘tired of all the politics’ after Lesnar handed a title shot at UFC 226

Blaydes just watched Brock Lesnar jump the heavyweight line for a title shot, and he’s not impressed.

UFC heavyweight Curtis Blaydes has been putting together quite the UFC resume over the past two years. Four wins in a row, five wins in the UFC (six if you count one changed into a No Contest due to marijuana). His only career loss? To Francis Ngannou in his first UFC fight. His last three victims? Alistair Overeem, Mark Hunt, and Oleksiy Oliynyk.

Not bad at all. Which is probably why it must have been deflating to have new double champ Daniel Cormier use Blaydes as an example of the kind of fighter he isn’t interested in facing.

”I’m at a point now where it’s going to be very difficult to fight a Curtis Blaydes,” Cormier said when asked if he’d take a fight before facing Brock Lesnar. “It’s like, do you want to go to war and make so much less money? If I fight Brock Lesnar, I’m getting paid.”

You get what “DC” is saying: why fight someone who’s tough and relatively unknown when you’ve got a nice juicy money fight within grasp? But it’s exactly that attitude that had Curtis Blaydes sounding pretty frustrated with everything after watching Brock Lesnar swoop in and lock up the next heavyweight title shot.

”Tired of all the politics,” Curtis wrote on Twitter. “Like is it even still even about fighting? First CM Punk now Brock Lesnar. I’ll just continue to grow as a martial artist and become more dangerous, and I refuse to resort to that WWE BS fake arguing just to draw in lame ass casual fans pfft.”

What you’re seeing here is another UFC fighter realizing any motherf**ker can take everything you’ve worked for if said MFer has the ability to really move the needle. Money talks in this sport, and the quiet guys that just show up and grind will always have to win twice as much to get half as far. Just ask Raphael Assuncao about that, he’s probably realized the same thing after White dismissed his 11-2 UFC record at bantamweight.

It’s just the unfortunate nature of the beast, and I’m honestly surprised it doesn’t push more fighters out of the sport. It takes a stubborn bastard to get to this level, and while Blaydes sounds unimpressed with the situation, he also sounds ready to double down and keep fighting til his time comes. Godspeed, Curtis!

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