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TUF 27 Finale results: Mike Trizano edges past Joe Giannetti to become Ultimate Fighter

Lightweights Mike Trizano and Joe Giannetti faced each other tonight (Friday, July 6, 2018) from inside the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, live and free on Fox Sports 1. The fight was for the Ultimate Fighter Season 27 lightweight tournament championship.

Giannetti opened with a couple kicks, whiffedon a spinning backfist, threw up a question mark kick that landed glancingly. He shot in, put Trizano on his back for a second. Trizano got back up, but couldn’t get separation as Giannetti hung onto his waist, dragging him down again. He landed a sneaky knee to the head. Giannetti landed a trip and looked for a heel hook. Trizano triangled his legs and took top position, landing an elbow. Giannetti reached up and tried a D’Arce while keeping Trizano’s leg tied up. Trizano tried to reverse the playbook and go for a heel hook of his own but ended up on the bottom. Giannetti postured up, landed a couple punches, nearly got himself into a tight triangle but the bell sounded.

Trizano defended the shot in the second round with a headlock and put Giannetti on his back. He moved to half guard, looking to isolate an arm for a kimura. Trizano moved to side control, the crowd inexplicably chanting “fight fight fight”. Giannetti counted an Americana with a reverse triangle from the bottom and a toehold. Trizano managed to sit backwards, caught in reverse guard, elbowing Giannetti’s butt, his own butt planted on Giannetti’s chest. They spent the rest of the round elbowing each other’s hamstrings and butt to loud boos from the crowd, who did not appreciate the lesson in karma sutra. Giannetti held his arms wide, perhaps wondering to the referee why they were allowed to hold position and exchange butt punches.

Giannetti claimed an inside leg kick had gone high to start the third round, resulting in a short break to the action. Giannetti landed a question mark kick, spun several times, blocked a high kick in return. Trizano pressured forward, blocked a flying switch kick, threw leg kicks. Trizano landed a couple straights to the body but couldn’t seem to pull the trigger. Giannetti landed a wheel kick with no power behind it. Trizano looked for his leg kicks to take a toll, countering with one every time Giannetti kicked. The lack of urgency was a bit frustrating to watch as Trizano let his pressure dribble away. Giannetti was smiling and circling, throwing kicks, but boos greeted the final bell.

After the decision went his way, Trizano spouted some affirmations about visualization, and said he didn’t think his performance was the greatest but he will be back stronger, asking to be on the MSG card, saying Jersey will pack the stadium out for him.

Official result: Mike Trizano def. Joe Giannetti via split decision (29-28x2, 28-29)

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